Twilight Zone?

George was baffled by the circumstances. The door was there, yet none of his co-workers seemed to notice it, and even completely forgetting about it in Sharon's case.

Over the following weeks George inquired about the door to anyone who would know. The janitors, the elevator guy, the maintenance guy and none could shed light on this mystery. Not even the building manager could tell him what was behind it, and it was his job to know, but George had not pressed him, the man was becoming suspicious.

The whole thing was a complete absurdity. George had done some recon as well. By walking around the office, he gained a perspective of the physical setup and came to the conclusion that there in fact was a room behind the door, about the size of a kid's bedroom, utterly inaccessible from anywhere but the mysterious locked door.

Try as he might, day in and day out, George could not put it out of his mind. He became obsessed with finding out what was behind it. He kept telling himself that there would be no door without a reason, somebody was using it. He decided to try an experiment.

After work on the next day, George stayed. He took a very small piece of string and set it on the door's knob, securing it with a dab of spittle. As he stepped back, it became unobservable. He was satisfied, it would tell him if anyone was using the door during the night. It was the only explanation he could come up with.

The suspense was terrible and he hardly slept that night. Morning arrived none too soon and he hurried to the office.

"Here early, for a infamous change, hey George?" Bill was chatting with Fiona by the water cooler.

George ignored the comment in his excitement and headed straight for the knob. "Oh my, it's gone!"

Fiona stared at him as if he had just spoke sanskrit. "What exactly?"

"No...nothing, forget it." George walked briskly to his cubicle, furiously contemplating his next step.

The End

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