Author Note:

Yep. The last chapter was the end of the story. I bet you didn't like it? :P The ending was rushed cause at that time, I was trying to finish it really quick. But now I can see the so-many flaws in the story. The Unseen is actually really unoriginal since most of the lovey-dovey stuff that happens is like a copy of Twilight or Gakuen Alice or something else. Even the action parts with the 'gate' release and the using of the term 'hokagae' is coming from Naruto. That's why I really hate my story. And that's why I'm doing a re-write.

The re-write will be a collab between me and my brother and will probably go veery slowly. But I can guarentee you it will be much better then this. :) Here's the link:


Hope you guys liked at least the idea of the story cause that's what I'll be using in the new and more 'fresh' version of The Unseen. :-)

Love you all.


The End

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