16. Death

When I came home and told Seth everything, he only howled with laughter.

"You broke your hand by trying to punch Tommy? You shouldn't mess with my right-hand Filomena!" Seth had said.

I only grunted and locked myself up in my room and that's when it happened. I heard a yell from downstairs and I quickly rushed down. Mom had her hand covering her mouth, in a shocked expression. Ray was at the front door, his body covered in blood like Joseph from the bible, except this time it wasn't the blood of an animal, it was his.

"What happened?" I gasped and helped him into the kitchen.

"Masumi, he came and beat me up. He was talking to me, saying that the war was going to start today. That he had plans, then he told me to tell you. Believe me, he got this really angry look when he mentioned you. You better be careful Filomena. The war is going to start any minute. The problem is, he didn't attack me only."

"What do you mean?" I asked, a chill going down my back.

"He took one family member from all the families in the city and beat them up, just like me. Not many had Regeneration and some of them included my friends…and yours."

I stared at Ray as he started healing.

"Tommy, Ruth, Jane, and Sakura were the people who were tortured from your friends. I'm really sorry Filomena."

"Sorry about what?" I asked, but I was pretty sure I knew what he was talking about.

"One of them died."

"Which one?" My voice got pitchy in both words but Ray, now fully healed, got up and hugged me.





Ever since I figured out she died, everything seemed to get to be bad luck. After Ray told me, I was just blank. I didn't talk to anyone, I didn't react to anything, but I listened to others were saying about the war.

"It's hopeless, this city has a very small population and Masumi's bringing a whole continent with him! I wonder how we're going to deal with this!"

Then, Tommy came over to talk with us about the war. Seth teleported Tommy and I to my room. They looked at me, worried.

"Filomena! Please, listen to us! I know you're depressed because of Sakura's death but the only hope that's keeping everyone from evacuating the city is you! Don't turn us down, please just listen!"

I looked up at them. When they knew they had my attention, they made me promise something.

"Promise us you won't transform into Gate 3!" They both said at the same time.


"Promise us!" They demanded.

"I promise," I said.

Tommy took my hand and Seth sat by me and put an arm around me.

"I know you're sad because of Sakura's death. There are going to be others who are going to die today. Maybe me, maybe Tommy, maybe all of us. But you can't let that thought make you go down."

"If I'm the only hope, then you have to let me use my powers to save everybody," I mumbled.

"Okay, fine, only use it when you extremely need to. Now, take some rest. We'll wake you up if anything happens," Seth said, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and teleported out the room.

"So, I guess I'll go too," Tommy said, and was about to walk out the room but I stopped him.

"Tommy wait, I need to talk to you for a while."

Tommy hesitated for a while, then turned around to face me.

"What?" He asked, trying to make his voice sound irritated.

"Ever since you figured out that Seth and I were a couple, you weren't acting like you anymore. There was always this difference in you. Why?"

"It's better if I get away from you, Filomena. It's better for you and your boyfriend."

"Look, I used to have a crush on you last year. I was actually planning to ask you out but I…I cowered. I thought you wouldn't like me!"

His eyes widened with surprise then narrowed.

"That doesn't sound much like an apology. More like a couple of lies just to make me feel better," he said bitterly.

"Kiss me," it popped out of my mouth suddenly. But I had to prove it to him.

I had always been trying to hide my past feelings toward Tommy. I thought I didn't like him anymore, and I still don't. But I still didn't look at him like my brother. He was more like my best friend. I didn't want to hurt him.

"You're faking it," Tommy said.

"I'm not. I know you want it, if you die I mean if I die, you won't be able to do this."

Tommy hesitated, then closed the distance between us by four long steps. It was so Tommy to take advantage of my offer, I knew he liked me a lot. I thought Seth would come barging into the room, knowing this was happening, but he didn't. I closed my eyes as Tommy took my face in his hands and his lips met mine with eagerness.

My reflexes made me pull away from him. I felt his anger as his mouth tried to fight against my resistance. One of his hands went around my neck, trying to pull me to him. The other hand grabbed my shoulder, doing the same thing as the other hand. My hands balled into fists. He took my wrist and pulled my arm up around his neck.

Since Tommy had the power of Fire, his body temperature is a bit more than the normal body temperature. So when his hand let go of my wrist and went down to my waist, his hands were warm making me feel a bit uncomfortable. He put the other hand on the small of my back and pulled me to him even more so now there definitely no more space between our bodies.

"Why are you doing this? Do you really want me to die?" He hissed in my ear.

Then the anger boiled up inside me and using my hands, which were placed around his neck, I grabbed his neck, sort of trying to choke him in a way, and struggled to pull my face away from this. Noticing what I was trying to do, his lips pressed against mine.

Then suddenly, I did something I never would have done in ages. I kissed him back, I grabbed fistfuls of his hair trying to pulling him closer. Questions popped into my head. Why wasn't I stopping this? Why did I have the desire to kiss Tommy? Then suddenly it hit me. I still liked him.

Tommy's lips parted from mine and he stared at me.

"This is not right", Tommy said, letting go of my waist.

"No, don't."

Tommy bent down to kiss me one more time. Except this time it was more soft. His lips were gentle against mine. His arms went back around my waist and he embraced me tightly when he whispered in my ear.

"I always wished I could've done that."

"Tommy, I think I still like you," I whispered, my voice hoarse.

"I knew you did, I just wanted to show you that."

I laid my head on his chest, where I wished I could always be; in the hands of my best friend.




I  felt somebody grabbing me by my shoulders and shaking me.

"Filomena, the war, it's started. Masumi's already in the forest and half the city is out there, fighting him. Come on!"

I got up as soon as he told me.

"Where's Tommy?" I asked, frantic.

"Out there," Seth said.

Then what had happened between Tommy and me flew back into my mind.

"Seth, you know."

"Of course I know," Seth mumbled.

"I'm so sorry," I said, getting up to go to Seth.

"It's okay. I always knew you liked him. Don't blame yourself," Seth said, caressing my cheek.

"I like you more," I said.

"I know you do but Tommy was the only boy who was ever nice to you, Filomena. He was the only boy who you trusted. I know that even if you get married to me in the future, you'll still have him in your heart."

"Don't blame yourself too much," I snapped at him.

"I'm not blaming myself. All I'm trying to say is I want you to be happy. If that's being with Tommy, then so be it."

"What's wrong with you?! You always care about me, do what's best for me! Can't you just fight for my love with Tommy?!"

Seth bent down to kiss me and stopped midway.

"We should go and fight."

Then he teleported me to the battle field where there were already many bodies on the ground. I tried not to look at them and face Masumi instead who was more interested in talking to his son.

"Seth, I had been waiting for you," Masumi said.

I stepped in front of Seth. I didn't want him to get hurt at all.

"We meet again, Filomena," Masumi said again, with a steely edge in his voice.

I nodded.

"I hope you got the news of your friend's death," Masumi informed me.

"And you're going to pay for that."

"Oh, really?"

Seth and I both ran toward Masumi, trying to punch him. But he was able to handle us both at the same time. Seth had the power of reading minds so at least, he was able to foresee Masumi's moves. I just tried hitting him with my body, knowing that my powers were useless against him. Seth and I stopped, panting, trying to catch our breath.

"Where's my family?!" Seth yelled at Masumi.

"You belong to me Seth, you always will," Seth charged back at Masumi, trying to defeat him.

But it was hopeless, the only way I could kill him was being able to transform. I knew I was only allowed to do that in case of emergency. Wasn't the war emergency enough?

I helped out others fight Masumi's men. While I did, I tried brainstorming a way to kill Masumi. If I transformed into Gate 3 and fought him, I would be able to make him bleed and get harmed, but I won't be able to kill him. My goal is to kill him. How exactly would I do that?

In the second prophecy I had learned about, it said that I would bring back Seth's family by defeating Masumi. I knew I would kill him sooner or later, but how I would kill him was the problem.

I compared my life to some things I had read, like a fairy tale. How did Harry Potter kill Voldemort? He destroyed the Horcruxes. But no modern day Dumbledore showed me the way to kill Voldemort. It was useless. The only way I could even harm Masumi in anyway was to transform. So I did.

I don't want to get into details. Let me keep a long story short. I transformed alright, into Gate 3, Seth seemed really angry at me, and I, trying to protect Seth, came in the way of Seth and Masumi's fight, tried to fight Masumi in Gate 3, got beaten up and died.

So all I can say right now, as I fly up to heaven in this dark abyss, I overestimated myself and did the wrong thing. Cause now I was certain I never will be with Seth. But at least, I died protecting him. Isn't that enough? 


The End

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