15. Secrets Leaked [2/3]

The next day, Seth came to school. He drove in silence, his eyes stuck to the road. I looked out the window, trying to avoid memories of last night coming into my head. I didn't like at all the tension in the air, I could see that every thing not okay. The whole city had figured out about both prophecies and that Seth was Masumi's son. I hope no one would give the evil eye to Seth.

When we got to school, everybody stared at Seth really carefully. Like he was going to karate chop them any second. I could see Seth didn't like it at all. I took his hand and he stared at me for two seconds, deep into my eyes then fastened his pace to class.

As we walked into the class, everybody smiled at us. Seth just walked to the far, abandoned, seat in the back of the classroom and slumped down in it. I went to sit between Tommy and Ruth. They stared at me, then at Seth, then back at me. Before I could say anything, Mr. Walker started the lesson.

"It's good to see all of you here today. I was absent yesterday because of some mild disease but everything is okay now. While I was sick, I organized a field trip to the National Museum of History. What do you think about that?"

Everyone groaned.

"I guess that's a yes. So deal!"




"What's up with Seth?" Tommy asked me during lunch.

"I told him to keep a distance from me. I think he took it too hard," I mumbled, staring at Seth, who was sitting way across the cafeteria and looking blank.

"To be frank, I really think you shouldn't have said that," Ruth said.

"Are you saying that just because you have a crush on him?" Tommy teased her.

Ruth glared at Tommy, and said, "Don't push it, Banks, or you're going to face the consequences!"

"Look at everyone, they're staring at him like he's going to jump up and suddenly murder them in a second," I said, "I think you're right, Ruth. I should go talk to him."

 "And maybe give him a little smooch and everything will be okay," Ruth said, as revenge for what Tommy had said to her.

I sighed, got up, and walked to Seth. Everybody's eyes widened in fear of 'what he might do to me'. I ignored their stares and sat across Seth who looked away as soon as I came.

"Okay look, I take back my words. You don't need to keep a distance from me anymore," I told him, trying to sound very serious about my decision.

I guess it worked cause Seth looked at me and muttered, "Fine," then with worry, "but what am I supposed to do about them?"

I stared at everyone in the school.

"Be right back," I said and walked to the principal's office.




I came back, filled with happiness of victory. As I walked back in, I noticed that nearly everyone was crowded around Seth's table. It had worked. Seth pushed past them to get to me.

"You made the principal say that?" Seth asked, relieved.

"A little threatening comes to help with my powers," I said laughing.

I had gone to the principal's office and told him to tell the whole school over the loud speakers that Seth was not to be stared at or made fun of cause Seth didn't know himself that he was Masumi's son, Seth hates Masumi, and etcetera. However, the principal objected to do any 'scandal' of that sort so I threatened him and then he agreed.

"Like throwing a stone in the sea, easy," I said.

My friends laughed.

This was going to be a good day…or not.




So the whole school now was being very nice to Seth who found it really shocking that everyone was being nice to him. He thanked me so many times and made me feel proud for being his friend.

Seth had a conversation with Ruth about the crush stuff and she took it pretty well when he explained to her that he liked me. It also turned out that Seth and Ruth became good friends, sort of like me and Tommy. Ruth actually flirted with Seth sometimes but I didn't mind.


The alarm rang and I woke up. I remembered that today was the field trip.

Right then, Seth's voice popped up in my head and said, "I'm really not in the mood to go to a dumb old field trip."

"It's okay. I'll skate to school, then."

After that, I took a shower and put on my uniform to go to school and tip-toed to Seth's room. He was sound asleep, no doubt about it. He looked so adorable when he was sleeping so I just memorized how he looked, gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and went to school.

My family was not that angry at Seth and I anymore for keeping the secret. They understood later on how we might have felt in that situation and stopped boycotting us. I skated to school slowly, hoping I would miss the bus to the field trip. But it sucked when I got to school and climbed on the bus and sat next Tommy. He smiled at me then I got the courage to ask him a question.

"So…what have you been thinking about the Tommy and Ruth couple?" I asked, trying not to sound too eager to know the answer.

He stared at me with steely eyes and said, "You better not get on the bad side of me, Filomena. Not again, anyhow."

I groaned.

"Hey, ever since our class figured out the truth and stuff, everybody's acting really like family," Tommy said, looking around, "I mean, everyone has somebody of the opposite gender to sit with, excluding Seth and Christina. I mean look at this, Justin and Jane. They hated each other but now they're both like best-buds."

"Mike and Silone. They didn't get along that much now they too are starting to become good friends," I said, adding to Tommy's change of subject.

"Yeah, don't tell this to Silone but Mike really likes her. As in like, like. When he saw her take the pain out of you in the fight with Masumi then give it to one of the henchmen, he got really amazed. He's planning to ask her out after school today."

I was delighted. Everybody was getting along now!

"Stevie and Stephanie are officially a couple. They sort of started having feelings for each other during the fight," Tommy said.

I turned around to look at them and right then Stevie put his arm around her, and pulled her closer to him. Stephanie went red at this and lay her head on his shoulder.

I looked around the bus. Sakura with Joe, Phillip with Ruth, Mike with Silone, Stevie and Stephanie.

"And of course, Tommy and Filomena are a good couple," Tommy said, sarcastically.

I punched Tommy playfully.

"How long have you and Seth been a…?" Tommy asked, fading off at the end.

"Well, since the day after the power checking exams thing."

"For that long."

Tommy's mood went down and I reassured him by giving a big hug.

He put his hand around my shoulder and said, "If this whole Nullifying power and the fight between your Hokagae line and Seth's Hokagae line didn't exist; if everything was normal, sooner or later I would've asked you out and we would've become something."

I nodded.

"At least you can agree with me for that," he whispered.

Then he took his arm around my shoulder away, and looked out the window. That's where we stopped talking.




"This is what we believe to be how the 4 Hokagaes looked."

I stared at the statues and the Sparks Hokagae. He looked cool…there was a scar across his right eye and he was smiling in a pleasant way. Then I stared at the Flair Hokagae. He looked exactly like Masumi. Except there was no scar but he had this evil look. The Aloysius Hokagae however looked really pleasant. He had this sort of twinkle in his eyes which shocked me. He sort of looked like Mom. And of course Future Hokagae looked…amazing. He sort of resembled Seth in a way.

I then felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see who it was but the person stopped me.

"Hey look, I'm really sorry about the conversation in the bus. I'm really sorry, okay?" Tommy's voice said.

I took his hand and said, "Tommy, I'm not angry or anything, relax."

"Thanks," he said and didn't let go of my hand throughout the whole field trip.

The End

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