15. Secrets Leaked [1/3]

I rubbed my eyes and got up. I was in my house, in my room, on my bed. All my classmates were here this time. Stephanie, Stevie, and Seth were here too. They had not seen what happened in the fight between Masumi and me, which was good for Seth. He would've freaked out. He was freaking out right now.

Everybody stood up as I pushed myself to lean against the wall. Then their eyes moved somewhere else; to my hair. They looked worried, all of them. Even Justin…what was wrong?

I got up from the bed and walked to the mirror then stared at my hair. It looked, completely red. Which was abnormal, I should've been able to use my Nullifying power more. That's what grandma had said and yet, even after using just Gate 2, all my hair was red except for a third left of it; and that's not possible.

Sakura answered my questions, "You used Gate 2 for quite some time. You were up in the air fighting against Masumi for minimum 10 minutes, Sakura. That drained out more than enough of your life."

I turned around to face the class again and asked them, "Did you guys tell Seth? How you know everything?"

"Stephanie and I came to your house to explain everything to Seth while you guys were starting the war, I mean, handling Masumi," Stevie said.

"The war had already started Stevie, we can't do anything about that," I said calmly.

The weird thing was I felt calm. I felt different, more mature, more adult-ish. Had the experience of using Gate 2 made me turn into this? I was worried about Seth. He probably hated me now.

"Look Seth, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to tell them anything."

"I'm not angry at you for that!" He yelled at me, walking around nervously. "Why the hell would I be angry at you for telling our class?! They're like our family! Why I'm really angry is why did you transform?!"

I was…not feeling good. But I had the strength to yell back at Seth.

"Seth, Masumi was going to kill us! I was the only one who had enough power to actually harm Masumi a tiny bit! So I had to transform to keep these guys safe. I made Masumi fall unconscious! I needed to make sure he would've learnt his lesson by trying to get to you, trying to harm you!"

Seth swung around to face me.

"Me, me, me, me! Always concerned about me! Don't you realize that every time you use your freaking power, your life span becomes shorter?! You're getting closer to death every second Filomena. My desire was to be together forever," his voice softened in the end and he stroked my hair softly but then he recoiled, "your nullifying power ruins it! It speeds up your time to reach death, you get closer to being away from me."

Seth walked back, far across the room away from me, staring at my hair. He crumpled to the floor and put his head between his knees. Tommy stared at us, hesitating, not sure which one to go to. Then he went to Seth as Ruth came to me.

"Filomena, don't listen to him. He just, he cares about you a lot. He doesn't want you to go away from him. Don't take his words to heart," Ruth said softly.

I saw the boys calming down Seth and the girls walked to me, trying to calm me down. I was already calm, but there was this feeling inside me. I know Seth loves me, but what he said was true. Every time I used my Nullifying power, I was getting away from him, approaching death. But I was approaching death, knowing that I was killing myself to protect him. To protect him, Tommy, Ruth and everybody else. Why doesn't he understand that?

Suddenly, I was swiped off my feet. I realized that the girls were now crowded around Seth, trying to calm him down. So the boys were here, trying to do the same to me. I looked up into Tommy's face. He pressed me close to his chest and rocked me, trying to make everything okay.

"Look Filomena, I have to agree with Seth that you are risking your life using the Nullifying power. But I understand that you're doing it for our good," Tommy said, cradling me.

"Yeah, you know we understand too," Stevie said.

"You looked pretty cool too, you were too fast when you fought against Masumi. That Sonic Blast thing too," Justin remarked.

"My power compared to yours sucks," Phillip said.

"Yeah, I agree with Doctor Phil here. You’re the coolest, Filomena," Mike joked.

Phillip punched Mike playfully. They all cheered me up. What shocked me most was Justin. He was actually concerned about me.

"I know what you're thinking Filomena. Justin here was never like this before, right?" Joe asked me.

I nodded and managed to say, "You guys, I never expected things like this to happen in my life you know. You guys were just 'the evil gang' to me years ago. Tommy is an exception though, cause he was always nice to me and stuff but as I was saying. I never expected the 'evil gang' to suddenly turn out to be so…brotherly."

They all smiled at me but then Tommy cleared his throat.

"Another exception of Tommy for the last statement," I muttered.

They laughed.

"I guess Tommy still likes you…" A voice popped up in my head.

I lifted my head up from Tommy's chest to stare at Seth.

"I guess…" I said back.

Sakura beckoned the whole class to come together when she figured out what was going on. However, Tommy didn't leave me.

"Look, I understand if you hate me now," Seth began his speech.

"Hey no, I don't. I understand if you want to keep a distance from me a while. You know, get used to things," I said back in Seth's mind.

I snuggled up closer to Tommy and he must've thought I meant Tommy when I said 'get used to things' cause he shot Tommy an envious look and snapped back in my mind, "Fine!"

"Hey, I forgot to tell you. Your family is furious at you and Seth for not telling them everything beforehand," Tommy informed me.

"How did they figure out?" I asked a bit drowsily.

"The whole city knows about Seth being Masumi's son. I guess he must've figured out that you guys wanted to keep it secret and he ruined that too."

"I don't care," I mumbled and Tommy laughed.

The next minute I was asleep.

The End

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