14. Transformation Gate 2 Release! [3/3]

It was last period and we had free time. The secretary had come yet again and said we were dismissed from school. So we got out of school early. We had decided not to go straight home and just hung out in the Eastern Forest.

As we walked deep into the forest, Tommy asked me, "Where did you have the fight in this forest against Masumi's henchmen?"

The tree where Seth and I had sat and had our first real conversation was right in front of me. So I pointed right in front of me, to show the class that this is where I had transformed into Gate 1.

Stevie Woods whistled and said, "So that's the tree where you two love birds sat and first talked."

The whole class laughed except for Tommy, Ruth and I. I glanced at Tommy and noticed that he had his hands clenched in fists. I held his hand, and at my touch, the fists slowly curled back to normal. I gave him a reassuring smile and turned around to face the class.

"It's not only that this is the place where I first actually talked to Seth. This is the place where I transformed into Gate 1."

I was quiet as I recalled the memory.

"You do realize that you’re the most powerful person in class, don't you?" Joe asked me.

I sighed. "That's the problem, I don't like being the most powerful. I didn't explain to you guys, but every time I use my Nullifying power, my life span becomes shorter. You see all this red strands in my hair? That shows how much shorter my life span has become. So I'll be dead when my hair is completely red."

There was complete silence as people stared at my hair. But the silence was broken when I heard silent clapping. I turned around to look at the direction where the sound came from and gasped. Masumi and about 20 henchmen were staring at our group. Thank god we had our whole class. No, Seth was missing. Oh no.

Tommy must've been thinking along the same lines cause we yelled at the same time, "What did you do to Seth?"

"Why would I want to harm my son? I came for my niece."

I had totally forgotten about Christina and stared at her. Her face was blank, but her body was shaking with…anger.

She stuck out her hand and a wave of electricity flew towards Masumi. He demolished it before it could reach him. Then suddenly, a name popped into my head. Stephanie. I didn't want her to die.

I stepped back and hurried to Stevie.

I said one name to him and he understood. He went over to Stephanie and they engaged in a short conversation. They both looked at me, nodded and Stevie put his hands around Stephanie's waist as they flew away. Stephanie's powers won't help in this situation. I didn't want her to get hurt so I had practically told Stevie to let him use his power (flying) and take Stephanie away.

I gulped and walked back in front to face Masumi.

Masumi came in front, to try and talk to me.

"Get away from me!" I yelled and using my telekinesis, made him freeze.

Seeing this, the henchmen broke out and started attacking us.

Tommy came in front of me protectively and stuck out his hand. A fireball flew towards one of the henchmen but the guy stopped it by using his power, which is ice, and grinned. Tommy got engaged in a fight. Fire against ice, which would be a long fight.

I turned around to look at Sakura and she was fighting with somebody who had Nature Control. Everybody was engaged in a fight and was against somebody who was a good match to their powers. Everybody was fighting against 1 person. Since there was 20 henchmen, and there was 11 of us, that meant I was left to fight 9 henchmen and Masumi. So unfair.

Masumi was leaning against a tree now, looking amused.

"Don’t worry. I'm not going to hurt you."

I glared at him and swung my arms so the henchmen at the sides of the line went flying off across the forest. 7 henchmen to go. 2 of them came charging at me and I jumped back, dodging each move. They were armed with knives and they tried stabbing me but I was too fast. I stuck out my hand as I leaped back, and took their energy. I felt really energized now. They fell down on the ground, unconscious. Using my telekinesis, they went flying somewhere else into the forest. 5 to go.

The thing I didn't understand was, why couldn't they attack me as a group and just get it over with? They were sending 2 people at a time! Was it to entertain Masumi? I heard a cry of pain and I turned around to see what it was. Tommy's opponent lay dead. Tommy turned around to look at me. Right then, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I was thrown back and I went smashing against a tree.


I heard Ruth yell. The next minute, I bent over and vomited out blood. Yeah, you heard right. Vomited out blood. Tommy came to Ruth's side and helped me up. I winced as he helped me up, his arm around my waist to support me. I think I had broken a rib. Then, I became unconscious.

"Ruth, use your telepathy to get her brain to send messages to the healing system of her body. Do something!" I heard Tommy say.

I had gone unconscious but somehow I could hear what they were saying.

"I don't know how!" Ruth hesitated.

"Just do it!" Tommy yelled at her.

There was silence for some time than I felt this energy grow inside of me. An image of Seth popped up in my mind and then the energy spread really quickly through my body. But the pain was still there. My breathing quickened.

"It's not working! Telepathy can't help with this!"

"Wait...Silone!!!" I heard Tommy yell.

I felt Silone's presence near me. Then I remembered, Silone's power was to be able to manipulate emotions. Not only emotions, but pain. She can take my pain and put it in somebody else! But before she puts it in somebody else, she has to bear it herself. No, I didn't want her getting hurt. Then the next minute, I didn't feel a thing. Everything seemed perfect. I opened my eyes and got up.

I had been resting on Tommy's lap. When I got up, Silone smiled at me but I could see that she was in pain. All my classmates were next to me. Even Justin! I guess they had beat the crap out of their opponents. Ruth got up suddenly and concentrated on one henchman. He clasped his head and fell to the ground, screaming.

"Now," Justin said.

Right then, Silone stuck out her hand and a ray of light shot out towards the guy who was being tortured. He screamed even more when the ray hit him. Silone looked normal now and I understood then that the pain that I had been through was now in the guy. Using my telekinesis, I threw him somewhere across the forest too.

There was only Masumi left now. I guess the class must have handled the others.

"Bravo, bravo. What a great show. A couple of students beating my people up," Masumi said.

All of us got up, and formed a big straight line. I wiped away the blood from my chin. I saw Justin and Jane flex their muscles. The next minute, we were all everywhere. Justin went running toward Masumi, trying to punch him but Masumi dodged each attack. At that same moment, Christina stuck out her hand and electricity flowed through in a ball. It went flying toward Masumi but Masumi disintegrated it just like before.

Right at that moment, a tornado hit the ground, the area where Masumi was and it followed him. Lightning crackled up in the air and I turned around to see Sakura and Justin working together to try and kill him.

Lighting hit the ground  in front of me and I leaped back. Then the next moment, there was fog everywhere. Then BAMM! Tommy went flying back, his body turned to steel. This was not working. Masumi was too strong. He could easily kill all 11 of us. I ran around in the fog, blind.

"Sakura, Justin! Don't make the place foggy! We won't know what Masumi might be up to!" I yelled, hoping they would hear me.

The fog cleared up the next minute. Everybody was using their own power to try and fight Masumi.

Tommy with Fire and Steelman, Mike with Nature Control and Ice, Joe with Super Speed and Super Strength, Philip with Skin Manipulation (where he could affect the guy's skin), Justin with Super Speed and Weather Control, Sakura with Mind Reading and Weather Control, Ruth with Telepathy, Silone was protecting us with Force Fields, Christina with Electricity, and Jane with Super Strength and Multiplying.

I was the only one sitting there doing nothing. Everyone glanced my way, desperately, and kept yelling at me to help. I was somehow paralyzed. I wanted to get up and fight but I only stared at them. I stared at Masumi, trying to observe his way of defending but he was too fast. All of them were attacking him at once and he just kept dodging it. He was too powerful.

Sakura yelled out exactly what I had been thinking. They all leaped back to join me the next second.

"Why aren't you doing anything?" They all asked me at the same time.

"Cause it's useless. Look."

I stuck out my hand and tried sucking away Masumi's energy who stood in front of all of us but I got nothing.

"He's too powerful. You guys don't understand. He has the powers of all the people he killed which are like a lot. So it's futile," I told them.

"If you transformed, it would help but no way are you doing that," Silone muttered.

"Wait a minute. Where are Ruth and Tommy?" I asked, looking around. They weren't any where.

Then Masumi snapped his fingers and they were suddenly in front of him. They were on the ground, writhing in pain, clutching their heads, sort of looking the way people who got tortured by Ruth's power looked.

"Filomena, do you want your friends dying? The only way you could rescue them is transform into the next Gate Level," Masumi said, his eyes narrowing to look at me.

"Filomena, don't transform!" Ruth yelled.

"Don't transform!" Tommy yelled too, supporting her statement.

Then two bloodcurling screams reached me, my mind. I could feel the aura surround me and I didn't see anyone around me. No Sakura, no Justin, no Stephanie, none of my classmates. Only Masumi, Ruth and Tommy!

"Let go of them!" I yelled.

Right then, the transformation started. My hair started turning blood red, and this time, the aura wasn't yellow. It was bright orange. I felt more powerful, more powerful then Gate 1. Then I knew I had just transformed into…

"Transformation Gate 2, Release!"

I went charging toward Masumi and fear was splattered across his face. No, not fear. Irony. Then something happened. Everything I did, was in slow motion. Everything I saw was in slow motion. Sort of like Seth's power. I was able to see each and every move Masumi was able to make in slow motion.

I twisted Masumi's arm and flipped him over and then when he landed on the ground, he was about to kick me across my chest so I would be sent flying away but I ducked and then punched him quickly in the stomach. He went flying back and slammed against a tree. He covered his mouth and coughed out a little blood and grinned. He came running back at me and I jumped back quickly, defending myself against each and every punch he did. I looked up and saw a tree branch far up above me. I pushed my feet off the ground and flew up to the branch. The ground broke, causing dust and soil to spread in the air. I quickly climbed on the branch and took a deep breath.

Masumi flew up into the air and waited for me. I jumped off the branch, charging at him, and right before I hit him, using my telekinesis I flung my hand across the side of my body and he went flying towards the tree. He screamed in pain when one of the branches went through his body. Masumi grimaced as he took it out. Knowing he would probably have Regeneration, I flew towards him again.

This time, he turned me around and put an arm across my neck as I came toward him.

"You're a tough competitor but you'll never beat me!"

I took the arm he had around my neck and flipped him over. As he was recovering from the sudden flip, I flew towards him and kicked him. He went flying across the sky but stopped midway and coughed out more blood. I pressed my hands together in a ball and concentrated.

I felt this heat start in my stomach then spread through my whole body then all that heat went to my hands. The ball I had formed in my hands released and, right there, between my two hands was a big blue electric looking ball.

"Sonic Blast!!!"

I yelled and then threw my hands straight towards where Masumi was. That ball went flying toward him and hit him on the shoulder, pushing him back, then a million others came after it. I could feel my energy draining away with each and every electric ball that went and hit Masumi.

I stopped when my body felt empty. I saw Masumi drop down, toward the Earth which was 100 feet below us. Then I felt the orange aura disappear and I was falling down, down, down…

The End

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