14. Transformation Gate 2 Release! [2/3]

I am now currently in the 4th period which sucks cause 4th period is the longest period of the day. Everyone still had questions to shower me with. They also kept warning me that Masumi will attack me so I should be prepared. Ruth and Tommy weren't exactly thrilled at the fact that Seth has a "sleepover" everyday at my house.

"Attention!" I yelled to the class.

Everybody turned around to stare at me.

"Since you guys know everything," I said.

"Everything including Filomena's making out techniques," Justin interrupted. Everybody in Seth's gang laughed, everybody except for Tommy who was really, really pale.

I ignored them and continued, "Since you guys know everything, I think it's better to start planning."

"For what?" Sakura asked, but she already knew.

"The war."

Now I knew I had everyone's attention.

"The prophecy states that the girl who falls in love with Seth is the one who can bring back his family. Seth strongly believes it is me." Then my eyes went to Ruth for what I said next. "I know there are millions of other girls in the world who like Seth but Seth is more than you guys think he is to me. More than a crush, more than a boyfriend. Nearly like-" I took a deep breath and continued.

"Like family. So I know that I should be the girl, I mean I am the girl who is fit for the prophecy, who is fit for him. And I think, if you guys help me fight for Seth's family, we would be able to defeat Masumi, as a team. Stephanie always said her power's were useless, we could send her in as a spy. Sakura would be able to read minds. Silone can use force fields, Jane can multiply herself, Christina could electrify them;and one of the most powerful, Ruth. I only named my good friends. But if we work together, we could name the whole world."

Everybody stared at me, shocked.

"So, are we in this together?" I asked.

I stuck out my hand, palm facing down, and slowly everyone put theirs on top of mine, forming a team circle. Then I noticed there was only one person who hadn't put their hand in. Everyone stared at Ruth, looking anxious.

"Why didn't you tell me all about this stuff?" She asked.

"Look, Ruth. Seth made me promise not to tell anyone this and plus, I didn't want to pressure all of you guys through this. You guys have no idea what Seth is going through."

"And you do?" Ruth snapped, shocking everyone, including me.

I was really surprised. Ruth and I had never fought and now we're fighting over a boy. I could see the whole class was absorbed in this conversation. I didn't want to hurt Ruth.

"You have to tell her, Filomena." Sakura said. I nodded.

"I do, Ruth. Cause, nobody's seen him act like that before and there are more things I didn't tell you guys about Seth."

I gulped. I couldn't believe I was telling them all this. Sakura came to my side. She had read my mind and figured out everything. Seth was going to kill me for telling them. But I had to.

"Seth is not who you guys think he is. Every time he was mean to each and every one of you, every time he acted all cool, that was all a cover up. His real personality is something else. Something soft. He shows that to me."

"Then why did he act mean. Why did he put on a mask?" Tommy asked. From Tommy's view, I could see he was greatly disappointed at Seth for not telling him this stuff.

"Because he has a third power. Of reading minds."

Everyone gasped in shock. Except Sakura and I.

"He bases every thing he does, every action, on what people around him think. He could read each and every mind in this room…except mine."

"How come?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, Seth doesn't know himself."

The whole class started bombarding me with questions.

Ignoring the questions, I pushed past them to walk to Tommy. He was a sickly pale shade of green. Ruth, who seemed to realize what was happening, distracted the class and took them to the other side of the classroom.

Tommy looked up at me from under his long blonde hair then looked away. I pulled him up from the chair so he could stand up, using my telekinesis, then took his hand. His head shot up, surprised.

"I need to talk to you," I said, then slung his arms around my shoulders and pulled him with me to the storage closet.

As soon as we went in, he dropped his arms from around me and crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared at me.

"Look Tommy, Seth didn't mean to hurt you in any way. I know you’re his best friend but he didn't do this on purpose."

"He did what was best for him. Self-centered," Tommy said spitefully.

"He didn't!" I snapped back at Tommy.

"Oh, you're defending him. I should've known talking to you was just going to be a waste of time!"

Before he could open the door and go out, I took hold of his shoulders, turned him around, and slammed him against the wall. I didn't want to hurt Tommy and I had never seen him like this before. He was always the nice, cute, adorable Tommy I knew. Not the hasty, spiteful Tommy.

"Get away from me!" He yelled.

This time, he took me by my shoulders and slammed me against the wall, where he was before, and ran to the door. I quickly used my telekinesis to lock the door and made the keys float to me. I took them and stuffed them in my jeans pocket.

"You're not going anywhere," I said.

He glared at me, that harsh look still on his face, then said, "Fine. Tell me, everything you want to." He leaned against the door and stared at me.

"Tommy, Seth liked me since the first time he saw me-"

"So did I!" He interrupted me.

I closed my eyes. "Tommy, please…"

"Fine, I won't interrupt." He snarled.

I sighed and continued, "He had read your mind and figured out that you liked me too. So he acted like he hated me for all these years, just for you. We could've become a couple in 7th grade, not considering your feelings! He acted mean to me and made me hate him, just so your wishes could come true. So don't boycott him or something. Cause he sacrificed so much for you."

Tommy stopped glaring at me and stared at me unbelievably.

"He cares about you so much, Tommy. Don't let this ruin the friendship you have with Seth."

Tommy slid down to the floor and I hurried to him.

"I can't believe him," Tommy gasped. Then he shifted his gaze to me. "I can't believe you. You like him a lot don't you?"

I nodded.

"I guess I can't do anything about that."

I kissed him on the cheek.

"Just to fulfill your dreams," I said and winked at him.

"There is another place you can kiss me you know," Tommy said, grinning.

"No way!" I exclaimed. "You know, Ruth's not that bad."

Tommy stared at me and asked incredulously, "What?"

"She's a lovable person," I said.

"Not more lovable than you."

"If you get to hang out with her she's really a great person. Give it a shot!"

"Look, Filomena, I still need time to," he paused to think of something to say, "get over you. So don't pressure me over Ruth, okay?"

I got up, I was upset but Tommy’s hand curled around my wrist and pulled me back down.

"Okay, sorry. But it's true. I like you 100 times more than Seth likes you but if I can't do anything about it, fine."

I sighed. "Tommy, I hope this makes you feel better. Ruth's my best friend, right? But there's someone else who's also been appearing a nice person to me for a long time. Guess who that is?"

"Seth," he whispered.

"No, it's you."

There was a moment that seemed unbelievably magical to me. Tommy stared at me and I stared back. He was holding my hand and I had one hand on his shoulder to calm him down. To me, it felt like a really brotherly sort of moment. To Tommy, maybe romantic. But if definitely felt good. Now I knew who I could come to if I had a quarrel with Seth. The moment was broken when Tommy told me something.

"You know, I would be a way better boyfriend than Seth. I wouldn't hide secrets from you, and I definitely wouldn't scream "Bloody Hell" in the morning."

"Tommy, shut up," I snapped at him; but I was grinning.

He did as I told him to and we walked out the room. But the way Tommy and I walked out must've shocked the class. I had my arm around Tommy's shoulder, and he had his around my waist. Just in a best-bud's fashion. But the class misunderstood. Or Justin did.

"Hey Sparks, you cheating on your boyfriend?" Justin asked me.

Before I could beat the crap out of him or at least send him flying out the window, Tommy defended me.

"Shut it, Maxmeller," he snarled. Letting go of my waist, he turned into steel.

Justin stepped up, getting ready for a fight.

I came in the way and said, "You guys better not start. Tommy go sit down."

Ruth took Tommy's hand and dragged him away from Justin.

"And you," I said turning around to face Justin. "Shut the hell up."

I was about to walk away but of course Justin wouldn't let it go.

"Or what are you going to do?"

I didn't turn around and yelled back to Justin, my back to him, "Your gonna get your ass whipped like before and you wouldn't want that would you? Oh yeah, by the way. In that ass whipping," I turned around to face Justin, "your gang leader and his right-hand would be on my side."

Justin went red and didn't punch me or do anything. He simply gave up. I walked back to Tommy and Tommy was grinning at me.

"Seth never told me I was his right-hand."

"You have much to learn kid, much to learn…"

The End

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