13. Complications [6/6]

Seth is such a dolt! I said I wanted to teleport somewhere but that didn't mean HOME! I shot the mini-basketball into the hoop attached to my bedroom door as I mumbled on and about Seth. Using my telekinesis I made it the mini-basketball float back to me again. But as I shot it, Seth teleported into my room and it hit him straight on the head instead.

"Ow!" He yelped.

I snickered and congratulated myself secretly.

"Look," he said, rubbing his eye and blinked constantly, "the reason why I came back- we came back home is because I heard Jean's voice in my head."

My anger faded away slowly.

"Your mom?" I whispered.

"Yeah, I just finished talking to her and she said something about the prophecy of Future."

I straightened and got up so I could see Seth clearly. This sounded important.

"In the prophecy, it states that I'm the true descendant of Future, correct? Well maybe I am."

I frowned. "It's not possible, though. Masumi is not the grandson of Future. Your father is."

"But isn't it possible that Masumi was some how related to Future?" Seth pushed on.

I answered the question.

"Seth, Masumi is in the Flair hokagae line and Future is the Future hokagae. How could they be related? Besides, are you telling me that Masumi is Future's grand son?"

Seth stepped up to me grab me by my shoulders.

"Prophecies are not always fulfilled, Filomena. Plus, my mom said there was a girl who helped Future, make the prophecy! "Some say she didn't have a stable power" is exactly what my mom said when she explained. So maybe that girl made a mistake! Maybe the prophecy of Future may not be 100% accurate!" Seth sounded hyper and I had no idea what he was saying.

"Seth, calm down," I said, pushing him to sit down on the bed. "We'll figure things out. Can't your mom explain to us both, right here, right now?"

Seth looked at me, his eyes on fire. Then he sighed and nodded.

Suddenly, this woman with short purple hair appeared in front of me. It was like she was there and wasn't there; like a hologram.

It was really weird. But then, it did something. It reached out and touched me. I felt a warm hand stroke my hair and I stared at the ghost.

"Did it just touch me?" I asked Seth in his mind, using our SB (special bond).

"Don't call her 'it'!" He snarled back instantly.

"Sorry!" I said back and stared at Jean some more.

"I hear you wanted me to explain to you about the prophecy," Jean said. Her voice sounded faint, light, like it was faraway but, somehow, still strong.

I nodded and looked at Seth one more time before turning back to her.

"Let me explain the prophecy of Future one more time before revealing the truth," she said and I listened carefully to everything she was saying cause this was going to probably affect me.

"As you know the grandson of Future would marry me and the son, which is Seth, is the true descendant of Future. But that cannot possibly be true because Seth is Masumi's son, making him part of the Flair Hokagae line. Are you following me?" She asked, staring at me.

I nodded.

"Seth says that it is possible that Masumi was some how related to Future. But I say that that's not possible as Future and Masumi cannot be related in any possible way. If Seth gives me a good reason how they can be related in any way, I will agree with him.

"So my conclusion is that the prophecy of Future is incorrect but I still believe that out there, there is a true descendant of Future."

With those few last words, she faded away before any of us could do anything to stop her.

The End

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