13. Complications [2/6]

During lunch time, we planned to sit together. Or at least they did. I was forced to tag along. I sat next to Ruth and the boys sat across us. They all looked at me. I ignored them, took out my lunch and a book, and started eating and reading.

“Filomena, come on,” Ruth sighed.

“Yeah, you get over yourself!” Seth murmured. Like that helped.

“No, seriously Seth. Shut-the-hell-up!” Tommy practically yelled. Seth looked shocked. This was the first time Tommy stood up for himself. I dropped my lunch and gaped at Tommy. Seth shut his wide open mouth and stared at Tommy. This was my chance.

“You know you guys, you better be careful with Seth. He’s been hiding something from you,” I said mysteriously.

Seth stared at me, his dark brown eyes baring holes into me.

“You know Seth has another power,” I said, enjoying the painful look Seth had on his face.

“I can’t believe you,” Seth’s voice muttered in my head.

“You better,” I snapped back at him. Tommy and Ruth stared at me curiously. “I’m so stupid! I forgot that you guys already knew about his teleportation power!”

For a moment everyone was silent. Then Seth broke into laughter and we all joined him. “I would’ve strangled you to death if you had told them,” Seth said in my mind, sounding relieved.

“You’re welcome,” I said, ignoring his snide thank you note. I hope some common sense got knocked into his head when I sent him that message. I stood up and said, “I’m going home, ditching class. Not in the mood.”

Ruth gaped and choked out, shooting suspicious looks at Seth meanwhile, “You’ve never done that before.”

“Yeah well, people change,” Seth said, got up and shot Tommy and Ruth a meaningful look, than walked by my side to the parking lot.

“I would’ve really told them if it weren’t for my feelings towards you,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Seth muttered, and we went to his car. “You seriously want to go home?”

I shook my head. Seth nodded and his eyes focused back on the road. I wrapped my arms around myself and rocked myself, closing my eyes. The next second, I was asleep.

“Hey, wake up Filomena!” Seth’s sharp voice reached me and he shook me by my shoulders. My eyes fluttered open and I saw Seth and a wooden ceiling. Wooden?

I got up and looked around. “The tree house?” I croaked.

“Well, yeah,” Seth said pulling me up so my head rested against his shoulder and we were sitting down, slumped against the wall. “I mean, I feel comfortable here too.”

I looked up to face Seth. He smiled at me, his face looking melancholy.

“I mean, it’s somehow like a second home.” Seth looked confused over his own words.

“I’m glad you like it here,” I said, feeling his chest go up and down as he breathed. “I’m happy that you remembered this place.”

Seth looked down at me and slowly crept an arm around my shoulder and brought me close to him so our foreheads touched. I felt my heart beat go faster, my adrenaline pump and I could feel my cheeks go red when Seth said, “Anything to make you happy.”

I closed my eyes and said after a few sacred moments, I said, “Seth?”

“Mmm,” he hummed back.

“What would you do if I died?” This time, I asked this question with my eyes open to see his reaction.

His eyes flashed open and I could feel his body stiffen. “I’d lose a part of me,” he said, whispering. “You’re a part of my life now, Filomena, a part of my heart. If I lose you, there’s no use living for me.”

I held my breath. Never in my life had I ever heard something more…caring.

"I know what you're thinking right now," Seth said grinning.

"I wanted you to know," I whispered back. "But seriously, can you be honest about one thing?"

"Sure," Seth said, looking curious.

I took a deep breath and said, "How can you be so totally relaxed when you know your family's being held hostage?"

Seth stared at me. "You want to know something smart girl? I could read people's minds but not yours. That was why sometimes I acted confused around you. But after we got the special bond, I could read yours a bit. The thing is, I still can't read yours that well but sometimes I know what you're thinking without using my power," he said.

I calmly said back, "You sound like something out of Twilight."

He grinned. "But what I mean to say about that question is that I'm relaxed around you cause I don't have to know what you're thinking to do something."

I stared at him, confused.

"Usually, I look at the people around me and see what they're thinking and base my actions on that but when I'm with you, I'm free."

"And you like it?" I asked.

"Well yeah. I mean, sometimes I really want to know what you're thinking but otherwise I like it. The thing is, that day when my family disappeared, I could read your mind. Only that day and your thought's were interesting all right," Seth said with a grin. "But deep inside in your mind, I could see you were worried about me and my family so I trusted you a lot. That was when I started liking you."

I lifted my head from his shoulder and asked, "So you think I'm going to be the only one who can bring your family back?"

"Yeah, I guess; partly because of the prophecy."

"What is this prophecy that you and Masumi talk about?" I asked, now really curious.

"You don't know?" Seth asked looking surprised.

I shook my head no.

"Well, it's said that the girl who falls in love with me is the person who will kill Masumi. That's you."

"Well there are billions of other girls in school who are head over heels about you!" I snapped at Seth.

"But you’re the girl who's in love with me. I'm using the word love here!" Seth said, smiling down at me.

"You expect me to kill Masumi and bring back your family?" I asked Seth.

"That's what I meant," Seth said.

"I'm going to need help with killing him, emotional support," I said, thinking of Seth as the emotional support.

"You'll get a lot of that, don't worry," Seth said, chuckling.

I looked in front of me, at the painting that Seth had made of me and my dad as a baby. We were quiet for a few minutes as we both looked at it. I really cared about Seth now then ever because of how he cared about me. I hoped that it wouldn't get ruined, ever.

But sometimes, he really confuses me. One minute he's that bad boy I knew from school, and then the next, he's so…warm. Who is he? I planned to confront him about it.

"Seth, I don't get you," I whispered.

"Huh?" He asked looking confused.

"I mean you keep changing. It's like you have two faces. It's like one minute, you act all bad and stuff and the next you're being that warm, fuzzy, side of you," I said. It came out all quick at once. I was nervous what he would say back.

He removed his arm from around me. "Do you mind that?" He asked.

"I don't, it's just why?"

"It relates to the mind reading," he snapped at me and said no more. He didn't put his arm back around me, and I didn't say anything for some time. Finally, I got up and climbed down the ladder. I wanted to go home.

I slipped my legs back one more time for a few minutes  into the lake as I waited for Seth.

 Life sucks. I feel like I'm existing just for others to be happy. But I was unhappy ever since. When I figured out the truth about my dad and everything, I completely lost it. I looked around once more and got up when I saw Seth coming down the tree house.

I walked to the car and Seth followed behind me.

"What are you thinking?" He asked. I guessed it was one of those times when he was curious.

"I'm thinking about my dad," I said back.

"What about him?"

"Nothing. How I have no memories of him. The nothingness of my dad."

"Really? Maybe you can find your dad's spirit in somebody else."

"I don't even know his spirit. I'm losing my sanity, I'm going crazy over all these issues in my life Seth!"

By this time, we had gotten closer to the car. Right then, Seth gently turned me around to face him and pushed me against the car door, put an arm on either side of me and leaned against the car.

"I'm pretty sure you have and know his spirit cause otherwise you wouldn't have made the tree house."

"Yeah but no one really understands how I feel," I kept looking at the ground as I spoke and didn't make eye contact.

"Nobody needs to," Seth said softly. I crossed my hands in front of my chest and finally met his gaze.

"Why?" I mumbled.

"Because I already do," Seth's voice rang. My hands dropped to my sides and Seth removed one arm and stroked my cheek.

"I'm going through the same thing with my mom but imagine this. No brother or sister who can tell me the truth, and finding the real truth from the bad guy."

I didn't say anything.

Seth removed his other arm and held my face in his hands. "You mind if I share the tree house with you except for my mom?"

The End

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