13. Complications [1/6]

Seth has a car! I know, freaky. You see, in my world, we have cars that are a bit more modern and the thing is you get your drivers license at the age of fourteen. Seth was seventeen. His car is so good!!! It's black and sleek and so awesome! You know how I know? Because I am in it right now!!! Seth agreed to drop me off at school along with him. Somehow, we couldn't make conversation today.

He said the weirdest thing, however, when we were driving halfway to school, "Hi."

I stared at him. "You were supposed to say that 45 minutes ago when we woke up," I said, laughing at him in my head.

He ignored me and continued the most boring-est conversation recorded in history, "The weather seems nice today."

Am I talking to Seth Aloysius? I wouldn't have (and still haven't) imagined in my wildest dreams that Seth Aloysius would say 'The weather seems nice today'. He can't even start a proper conversation with the love of his life…technically.

"How do you like the car?" Seth asked, this time asking a good question.

"Pretty good. It's cool and it's my favorite color, black."

"I expected your favorite color to be purple," Seth said, grinning.

Now he was getting on my nerve. "No way. Purple is a girlie color!" I said hotly.

Seth laughed. "I half believed that you're girlie. I mean, based on the thoughts you have about me!"

I felt myself go red. "How do you know the thoughts I have about you?!" I practically stuttered.

Seth grinned. "I know everything you think about. I know what you're thinking about now. You're thinking that 'Seth is way too stupid to know what a girl thinks.'"

"Anyone would've guessed that!" I said, trying to come up with something that would create a good argument.

"Oh yeah? No one would have guessed ' Ray looked as angry as a bull. I swear to god I could see white steam coming from his nose and ears. Oh-my-god, I just saw a Minotaur in front of me'," Seth said grinning.

My mouth fell to the ground. "You have a third power of reading minds?" practically yelled. Still keeping his eyes on the road, Seth grinned like a retarded idiot. "Gosh, can you give a girl some privacy?" I muttered looking away from Seth's face and out the window.

"Don't worry, you'll get a lot of that," Seth said sarcastically. I stuffed my face in my bag till we finally reached school.



I could feel people staring at Seth's car as they usually do as we drove into the school. But did they get the shock of their life when they saw me climb out with Seth. Seth walked to the front of the car along with me, put on his black sunglasses, and slung an arm around my shoulder. But I had to admit, Seth looked cool.

"I thought you said to keep this not public," I whispered as I saw people's eyes pop out of their sockets when they saw Seth and me.

"What's the use of living a lie when we're already in hell?" Seth said, grinning.

So I ignored the stares people were giving and walked with Seth into the school hall and to homeroom.




Tommy and Ruth rushed to Seth and I when we walked into the homeroom. "Hey, there are rumors going around that you guys are an 'item' or something like that. It's not true but…" Tommy faded when he saw Seth's arm still hanging around my shoulder.

"Truth is, we sort of are," I said observing Tommy and Ruth's reaction. Their faces were blank and they went to the front row of seats, sat next to each other, and slumped down on the chair. "Maybe I shouldn't have told them that," I whispered to Seth.

He removed his arm from my shoulder and said, "They would've figured out sooner or later, anyway. Come on." He took my hand and led to the other two seats next to Ruth and Tommy who seemed like they had gotten slapped on the face a hundred times.

"Look, you guys, we were afraid how you were going to react, that’s why we didn't tell you. I mean, we had expected you guys to sort of act like how you're acting now, and we didn't want you like that so please snap out of it," I said to them.

"I don't think any of your emotional moving speeches are really going to help, Filomena," Seth said, a matter-of-factly.

"Shut your mouth, Seth," I snapped at him and still stared at those two.

"How can you guys possibly be a couple if all you do is argue?" Ruth muttered weakly. I glared at Seth.

“She’s right you know,” Tommy agreed.

“Not completely, arguing is what made us a couple,” Seth said a matter-of-factly. My glare intensified. What a load of crap!

“Shut up Seth. Get over yourself,” I muttered, rolling my eyes. I didn’t talk to any of them for the rest of the day till lunch time.

The End

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