12. Ray Finds Out [2/2]

Ray looked as angry as a bull. I swear to god I could see white steam coming from his nose and ears. Oh-my-god, I just saw a Minotaur in front of me.

“What the hell were you doing to my sister?!”

I don’t know if Seth just had bad reflexes because even after seeing Ray, he still hadn’t let go of my waist. What an idiot!

“We were just, uh, I was teaching Seth how to kiss a girl!” I said, looking hesitantly.

Unfortunately Ray was not convinced. But he looked at me weirdly, the weird look he gave me for the past few years, every time I looked at a boy especially when I looked at Seth Aloysius.

“Yeah, we were just kissing cause I needed practice kissing a girl.” Seth said but he said it with a fit of laughter always coming in between. Finally, Seth had let go of my waist.

Ray this time made a move. BAMM! The next minute, I saw Seth flying out my room. “Seth! Ray! What’s wrong with you boys?” I screamed.

 Seth teleported back to my room and took hold of my hand. “Hello? Isn’t our special bond supposed to help us?!”

"I don't know," I muttered and Seth teleported us back to the forest. I didn't know how Ray had followed us back there because the next second he was in the forest along with us.

"Why are you protecting him?" Ray yelled at me as he saw me stepping in front of Seth when he walked towards us. "I'm not going to let Seth get away with the fact that I saw him making out with my sister!"

"Ray, I don't want to hurt you." I said, my voice shaking.

Ray ignored me and ran towards us, his hand pulling back to get ready to punch Seth, but I screamed, "No!!" Just then, his hand inches from Seth and my face, a huge yellow bubble formed around me and Seth and an explosion occurred. Ray flew back and slammed into the trees and slithered to the ground, but that wasn't the only thing that happened. I noticed that the trees had become bent too.

Ray got up, looking a bit hurt which wasn't possible cause he had Super Strength, and walked towards me. "What are you doing to me?!" He yelled.

It started raining. Ray came to me this time, but instead he stretched out his hands and placed them on my shoulders in concern. "I…" My voice faded away but then I found the courage and said, "I like Seth." I stepped back and gently pushed away Ray's hands from my shoulder and held Seth's hand.

Ray stared at me through the long hair that matted on his forehead. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked weakly.

"We were afraid how you were going to react," Seth said this time.

Ray stared at us, gulped and said, “You might as well have told me before. Is there anything else you didn’t tell me?

I turned around to look and Seth, and he nodded at me. That’s when I told Ray everything, and Ray gaped at us even more. When we finished, he said a bunch of curse words. I grinned and said, “Now Ray, watch your manners.”

"Save the crap for later," Ray snapped at me.

"Now you could easily be Seth's older brother," I muttered.

Ray laughed. "Yeah, I could."

And that was when I saw it. Ray and Seth smiled at each other and I swear I saw this electric sort of field thing go through them, like a brotherly bond. It lasted only what seemed like a few seconds but it was definitely magical…

"Well, I sort of am, your brother I mean, cause you guys are like a couple now aren't you?"

Seth and I looked at each other and smiled. "Yeah, we are," Seth said putting his arm around my shoulder and pulling me to him.

"That doesn't mean you guys should be smooching all over town, especially in front of me," Ray said.

My grin grew broader and I said, "Well the reason we were kissing each other in my room wasn't just for fun. Masumi came and cut my leg and the only way Seth can heal me was to kiss me so he did."

Ray frowned. "I don't think so, I mean you managed to heal him when you made the special bond my just crying over his shoulder as you hugged him, right? So I'm pretty sure he can just hold your hands or something and you're healed!"

 "Maybe… Look Ray, no one else should know about this, Masumi being Seth's father and stuff," I said.

Ray nodded. "We better get home quick and fix up your room before anyone guesses that we were up to something."

Seth and I nodded and we went back home. How were we supposed to know that in a matter of days, the war was going to begin. Or had it already begun?

The End

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