12. Ray Finds Out [1/2]

Seth kissed me one more time, but on the cheek this time, before going to bed. It seemed like no one in our family had even noticed that Seth and I had gone! Can you believe it?! But I can. After all, we’re talking about my family.

The thing I didn’t get is, why would Masumi try to actually break me and Seth up? Is it because of the special bond? It must be cause if the special bond was broken, Seth would not really be that invincible anymore and I’ll become vulnerable because of ‘emotional distress’. That would be a perfect time to attack.

Tonight, when I went to bed, I didn’t have midnight insomnia. Instead, I went to sleep the minute I closed my eyes and had a dream of me and dad.




“Good-morning! Wake up, sleepy head!” I felt something hit me, except it was not a pillow.

“Seth, what the hell is wrong with you?!” I yelled but I gasped when I saw somebody else. “Masumi! What are you doing here?! Wait a minute,” I said looking around, “,what am I doing here?!” I was in a cave. A dark one, I might add. I noticed that the object Masumi had thrown at me was not a pillow but a rock. A sharp rock that had cut me at the leg and sent me bleeding. Seth, come quick! I thought, trying to send him a message using my mind.

“I see that you and my son are now a couple, Filomena,” Masumi said looking amused.

“Why do you care?” I said, acting casual and ignoring the pain shooting through my leg. I had to act cool and keep the talk going, just to keep Masumi distracted enough till Seth comes.

“I care because my son is in love with you who is assumed to be the girl in the prophecy who could put an end to me.”

“What prophecy?” I asked.

Masumi smiled. “You don’t know? Along with the prophecy of Seth being the true descendant of Future which is actually sort of fake, there was another prophecy made that a girl from the Sparks Hokagae line will be in love with Seth, will actually be the one to kill me.”

I saw Seth appear behind Masumi right that minute. Seth kicked Masumi by the back which sent Masumi flying and Seth teleported back to me and teleported me back to my room. “Be right back,” Seth said and teleported back to the cave.

I stared at my leg which was bleeding worse than ever. I moved around my room and bandaged my leg and simply waited for Seth to come back. “I’m coming, just need to deal with Masumi,” Seth’s voice rang through my brain. I sent him back a message saying, “Be careful”.

I guess Seth was cause the next minute he appeared in front of me, one look at my leg, and said, “What did he do to you?!”

“Simply, threw a rock with a bad edge at me and it hit my leg and went deep into my skin and ta-dah!” I said saying the ta-dah, pointing to my leg.

Seth was crouching in front of me and lifted the big bandaged pile a bit and saw the cut and made a face. “Hurts doesn’t it?” He asked, looking quite angry.

“Duh,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Will I be able to cure you if I kiss you?” Seth said, but he didn’t say it with a mischievous smile, he meant it.

“I guess, but there’s a limit for this kissing thing you know…”

So instead, Seth just hugged me. I could feel the pain slowly going away

"The next time Masumi touches you, I'll murder him."

I hugged Seth tighter and what he said was enough because I felt a sudden vibration in my leg and I knew I was completely healed. But I didn’t tell Seth that, because I loved the way his arms felt around me. But there is a limit to this stuff. I pulled myself away from him so instead I just had my arms around his neck.

That was when I noticed Ray, inside the room, his mouth stretched enough so that a thousand elephants could walk in, staring at us, and I knew that moment, Ray was going to murder Seth cause Seth still hadn’t let go of me.

The End

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