11. Special Bond? Nuh-uh! [4/4]

I felt the water flow around my feet as I stared into the reflection of me in the lake. I couldn’t believe it. Everything Seth had said had been fake? So he, after all, isn’t Masumi’s son? Everything was a trick? I can’t believe this! So, all the feelings I had had for Seth was just a couple of hormones going clash, clash and not feelings for real?

I wiped away the tears and looked into the lake. I could feel the special bond fading away and knew that Seth was hopefully not going to mess with me anymore after this experience.

I got up from the lake and looked around and smiled. This was the place that I had come to when I was a kid with dad. Yeah, I know, my dad was dead when I was a kid. I used to believe in ghosts as a kid but not in a scary way. I used to believe that I could summon my father’s ghost. That was exactly what I did. Except, I didn’t see him. More like knew he was there. I felt that familiar aura I had felt ages ago and knew he was there. That’s when I made the tree house.

The tree house was like a memorial of dad and where I kept all the things that I wanted to show him. As I gazed up into the big sycamore tree, I noticed that it was still there. I had gotten these dreams a few months after making the tree house and it was a dream of dad. He sort of told me that I should stop going to the tree house cause I was growing up and I needed to remember that he was always in my heart.

So I did as he told me to. But I had to go now, no matter what. Cause Seth had betrayed me and I had no time to cry over the situation when I was back in my dad’s arms.

The tree house was amazing, like always. I could see all my favorite pieces of art stuck on the wood and the photos of my family and also my diary where I used to write to dad. I sat down on the small couch I had made with my mom for the tree house and looked around.

I missed dad and I wish he were here, in our world, where he would take me in his arms and hug me and play with me. I looked at the big poster-size photo stuck on the wooden wall of dad holding me when I was a baby. I noticed the hospital and mom’s face looking at dad proudly and Ray, his hands crossed across his chest, his face filled with pride, and sort of looked like he was saying, “That’s my baby sister!” It was actually a painting that…that I had never seen before but it was beautiful.

“I was planning to show you this on your birthday but you already saw it. Do you like it?”

I looked away from the picture and saw- “Seth! What are you doing here?” I got up and started walking towards the ‘exit’ but I felt Seth’s hands wrap around mine.

“Filomena, please,” Seth said.

I didn’t turn around to face him. Instead, looking down at the floor, my voice shaking, I said, “Seth, please. Leave me alone.” His grip loosened on my wrist and I yanked my hand away. My shoulders shaking as I felt the tears wet my face again, I whispered, “Why are you doing this to me?”

There was complete silence but I broke it yet again with my sobs. “Why did you lie to me? You manipulated me! With everything you did, just to use me for my nullifying power didn’t you?! You-you-you took advantage of me just to get the special bond! Didn’t you?!” My voice had gone from whispers to high pitched yells.

“Filomena, I didn’t –”

“Stay out of my life!” I yelled and instead of running away from Seth the way I wanted to, my legs turned into jelly and I fell to the ground.

“Filomena!” Seth yelled and came running to me.

But I couldn’t see anything. Nothing, but my dad. If my dad were here, everything would be perfect. Then I saw Masumi, inject the virus that killed dad. The virus that made my life turn into chaos. The virus, that made me be alone. As I was floating back into these memories, Seth suddenly shook me by my shoulders and said, “Filomena!”

My eyes came back to focus. But my mouth just kept mumbling, “I’m all alone…I’m all alone…I’m all alone…” I noticed that my head was resting on Seth’s shoulder and he had his hands around my back to keep me from falling. I felt paralyzed by Seth’s touch and my body couldn’t move. I just kept mumbling the words until they faded away.

“Filomena, I’m sorry about what I did this morning. Masumi, he came back and sort of, I don’t know, came into my body and did that thing. I didn’t mean to. It was all Masumi. Everything I said yesterday is not a lie. I meant it. Please believe me!” Seth pleaded.

I stared into his eyes and mumbled, “I am all alone Seth. I always will be. My dad’s dead. I don’t have anybody who I can talk to and cares about me. Everybody seems to be in their own world and they don’t see me.”

  “I do,” Seth whispered and he kissed me. I suddenly felt like I had been struck by lightning, I felt this heat wave go through my body and restore the energy I had lost making me not paralyzed anymore. Cause if I was paralyzed, I wouldn’t have been able to wrap my arms around Seth’s neck and press myself as close to him as I possibly could, or have felt Seth’s heart skip right above mine, or have tasted the chocolate he had ate in the morning.

And Seth was kissing me.

And he seemed to like kissing me.

“Now why haven’t we done that before?” Seth wanted to know, when we had finally stopped kissing and his forehead was resting against mine.

“Cause hello? Have you forgotten who you are? Seth Aloysius!” I said, a smile spreading across my face.

“And hello? Have you forgotten who you are? The most annoying girl I have met in my life! Filomena Sparks!” Seth snapped back ironically.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in you!” I said, grinning.

“Exactly the same thing with me! Hey look, I’m really sorry about what happened. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “After all, Masumi probably did it on purpose.”

Seth nodded, still holding on to me. “Hopefully, Masumi might get that our bond is stronger than ever now.”

I stood up and pulled Seth up along with me, holding his hands I said, “I don’t think we should tell anyone you’re Masumi's son. More of the evil forces might come after you to try and use you.”

“Better yet, people might try hunt me down and kill me!” Seth said, squeezing my hands.

“True,” I said nodding. “We better get back home quick before Ray thinks we’re up to something.”

“Oh yeah, we wouldn’t want any rumors going around saying we’re a couple! Which we are but it shouldn’t be public!”

“Yeah…let’s go!”

Then Seth teleported us back to my room but unfortunately someone did end up knowing that Seth was Masumi's son and that someone was…

The End

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