11. Special Bond? Nuh-uh! [3/4]

Oh-my-god. This is the first real kiss I’ve gotten from a boy. But which boy did I get it from? SETH ALOYCIUS, the most popular boy in school, and you know how I said he is so NOT the most popular boy in school last time. Well that was a lie.

I had a midnight insomnia this night. I couldn’t sleep at all because I was too busy thinking about Seth. How he would come to me tomorrow and say “good-morning” or “hey” and grin at me, that grin that made girls fall at his feet but none of them could even be friends with him cause he was a big meanie, but not to me he isn’t.

Then I thought, how he would do anything to save my life when I’m in danger. How he would come in front of me if Masumi were about to kiss me or- wait a minute. Kiss me? Masumi? Now am I getting a crush on Masumi?!

But who the hell cares about Masumi? I care about Seth. Seth Aloysius. Oh Seth, come save me. Seth, I need your help! Seth, Seth, Seth… now I sound like something out of a soap opera.

I didn’t notice till now but Seth, being the most handsome guy in the Aloysius Hokagae line, is popular…and in a way also cute. I shouldn’t be focusing on Seth’s handsomeness too. But the way he sort of did sacrifice his life for me when they nearly killed him by cutting his neck, that moment was indescribable.

Once I saw that dude’s hands on Seth, I wish I could kill anybody. It was like, if anything happened to Seth, I would die too. But you know the way Seth said those words, about him being a better guy when he’s around me, he sounded like he really meant it. But how was I supposed to know it was all really a lie the next morning? 



When I woke up, I quickly dressed and brushed my teeth and everything. I was scared that Seth might already be downstairs having breakfast. After all, when I did fall asleep at 1 a.m, I had dreamt of Seth. And I did want to have a ‘romantic accident’ the first thing in the morning.

So I walked out my room and guess who I bumped into? Hello Seth Aloysius, I thought in my mind. “Hey,” I said, my voice soft.

Seth looked at me, bored. “What ‘hey’?” He said, mimicking my voice except sounding more like a troll out of the old classic novel, Harry Potter.

“What the-?” I mumbled. I was surprised. I mean, Seth. The romantic Seth, I had seen yesterday, had suddenly transformed back into…blah.

I backed up against the wall when Seth started leaning against me (again) and stretched out his arms on either side of me. He stopped leaning in on me, when our foreheads touched and he said, “Did you actually fall for yesterday?”

I gasped. “What?” I mumbled.

Seth laughed but removed his arms from the wall and let me have my personal body space.

“Everything you said was a lie?” I asked whispering. I could feel tears flow down my face and that was when Seth stopped smiling.

“Everything? Everything you said about me was fake? Your not Masumi’s son too?!” I shook my head and yelled, “NO!” I pushed him away, ran out the house and went to the place where I hadn’t gone for years; the only place where I could feel better.

The End

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