11. Special bond? Nuh-uh! [1/4]

"Nice joke, Seth. Oh yeah, today’s April Fools!” I said sarcastically.

“No really, he came!” Seth said, starting to walk around my room.

“Oh yeah? Then how are you his son?!” I said, straightening my hair when he wasn’t looking.

Seth suddenly stopped walking and stared at me. “You don’t believe me, do you?” He said and I stared back at him. Seth must’ve had a bad dream or something. Or he’s just under depression! Yeah, he’s pressured because his family is being held hostage. Girls are not the only people going through puberty, you know. Seth said, “Let’s hope this special bond works,” and he hurried to me and took my hands and… I thought he was going to kiss me (where the hell am I getting these crazy ideas) except he sort of just took hold of my hands and squeezed them. My skin tingled, like I had just exploded into a million pieces and then my body parts were put together again like a jigsaw puzzle.

FLASH! I suddenly didn’t see Seth in my view. Instead I saw Seth in his room (in my house) staring at Masumi. “How’d you get here?” Seth asked.

“Seth, Seth, Seth. Why are you so scared of me?” Masumi asked, sounding exhausted. Seth ignored him. “I didn’t come here to kill you. I needed to tell you something.”

Seth didn’t look exactly ‘happy’ to hear that. “You are my son.”

I opened my eyes and saw Seth staring at me. I broke into a fit of laughter. “What’s so funny?” Seth asked.

“Gosh, you sounded like you’re going to cry when you talked to Masumi.” collapsed on my bed but Seth grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me back up.

“This is not funny!” Seth yelled and covered my mouth with his hand. I didn’t really feel comfortable about the fact that Seth Aloysius was actually touching me and I pushed him away.

“Fine, tell me,” I said standing up. “Tell me how it’s possible that you’re Masumi Flair’s son.”

Seth paced around the room, walking back and forth and said, “So he came into my room and said I was his son, right?” I was about to say something back but he cut me off. “You know my mom? You know why she’s dead?” And you know the reason why I’m not at all like my dad?”

“Seth, you can’t possibly believe-”

“It’s because my mom had an affair, Filomena. With Masumi!”

My jaw dropped down. “You can’t believe him!”

“Beat this, Filomena. Why is my mom dead?! Because she was protecting me! Do you know why I don’t have purple hair? Because I’m Masumi’s son. Do you know my dad and family treat me very differently? Cause they know I’m not their son!”

“Come on Seth! Masumi’s probably just tricking you!”

“He’s not!!!” Seth yelled at me and all of a sudden, I was thrown back against the wall and slithered down. Seth didn’t come running to help me the way I’d imagined. Instead he just stood there, his hands clenched in fists, looking pisst off at me. “If you don’t believe me, fine,” Seth said and was about to walk out my room but I stood up.

“Seth, I’m sorry.” I cried. He stopped and turned around. “Look, I’m really sorry about not believing you. It’s just so hard to believe you’re Masumi’s son.”

Seth turned around to face me completely but instead of accepting my apology, he said, “You better, cause I’m not going to be the only one who’s going to have to deal with it.” And then, he was gone. Gone, gone….gone. What have I done?! Seth must be really confused and I only made it worse! Well, he is right. He doesn’t resemble any of his existing family members but it’s pretty crazy that he sort of resembles Masumi. Not only Masumi’s looks but also his spirit; tough, hasty…evil. Sort of, I mean…I just need to get this problem sorted out, fast.

The End

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