10. Masumi's True Son [2/2]

So we explained everything to Ray. He kept sneaking Seth suspicious looks but when it came to Seth's parents being vaporized, he cut it out. "Holy crap!" He yelled.

"Watch your words, Ray," I warned him.

Ray shot me a look and said, "Okay, fine. Look, I have to back to school. Tell mom about his you guys." Ray said pointing out the last thing to me, not trusting Seth with the job. I nodded and he left.




I told mom during dinner everything. Seth was staying with us. It's like a dream come true. The most popular boy in school is staying in my house, NOT!!! I mean, he is staying in my house but his is NOT the most popular boy in school. And guess what? I-DID-NOT-WANT-HIM-IN-MY-HOUSE-!!! Okay, maybe a little. I mean he's my cousin. So I have to be welcoming. At least he was being nice to me. I mean, before we went to bed he said "Goodnight" and etcetera. OKAY, OKAY, FINE! I was REALLY HAPPY that Seth was staying with me. I could stare into his fathomless brown eyes the first thing I see every morning, he would be in my room frequently…NOO!!! I do not like Seth. And I DO NOT HAVE "sexual" feelings towards Seth! N-E-V-E-R!!!


I opened my eyes and saw a monster's eyes gazing at me. I screamed but I only noticed that it was Seth when he stepped back, his smile fading away (by the way, he sort of looks cute when he smiles).

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," Seth muttered.

"Well you did a pretty god job of it!" I snapped at him.

"Look, I need to tell you. Masumi came."

"In your dreams?" I said jokingly.

"No, in real."

"WHAT?!" I yelled getting up. How was I supposed to know that my hair was askew, my breath stank, my room had my inner garments spread all over it (thank god Seth didn't see it) and lastly, I WAS A MESS!!! But Seth didn't really seem to notice.

"Yeah, he came as in literally. I mean he locked the door in my room and-"

"He didn't like try to kill you, did he?!" I yelped.

"No…more like tell me something important."

"What?" What could Masumi possibly want to tell Seth that would be so important rather than the option of killing him?

"I'm Masumi's son."

The End

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