10. Masumi's True Son [1/2]

"Hello Filomena. Glad to see you," Masumi said, walking up to me and reaching for my hand to shake it.

I slapped it away, disgusted, and said spitefully, "You killed my father."

He smiled. "No, Filomena. He killed himself. I warned him not to defend Future but did he listen? No, stubborn. He walked right into his own death knowingly."

"What kind of person are you?!" I cried. "You killed your brother, wife, and entire clan!"

Seth came behind me and whispered into my ear, "Take it easy, relax."

At once, I calmed down. But I was still furious. Masumi laughed. "My brother didn't listen. He was a stupid kid. He learned his lesson. Always listen to your elders."

"Your so mirthless," I spat out.

"After all, my name is Masumi." (Masumi means lucidity in Japanese.)

I stumbled back. Seth caught me and steadied me. I straightened but I was still confused. Seth walked toward Masumi.

"Ah, Seth. Seth Aloysius." Masumi was about to put his hand on Seth's shoulder but I interrupted.

"Get away from him." I blinked and there was a force field around Seth."

"My dear, there is a reason why I killed my entire clan." He put his hand through the force field and took hold of Seth. What was wrong with Seth anyway? He looked…hypnotized. But I stared at Masumi instead. Masumi didn't really look like how I imagined him: old, with scars on his face, and grey hair, and saggy old skin. Instead he was the total opposite of old. He did have a scar on his face (but I admit, it sort of looked cool) and really dark jet black hair, and his skin was not wrinkled or anything. he looked like a 20 year old. He would've actually been quite hot if it weren't for that mirthless look on his face.

"No!" I snapped out of my daydreaming and realized that Seth had yelped. I looked behind me. They weren't there. Where was Seth's family? "He-he killed them," Seth stuttered. Not out of fear but shock.

Masumi shrugged. "I simply used your mind to distract you so you wouldn't use your nullification power on me and vaporized Seth's family meanwhile."

My jaw dropped down. "Vaporized?" I whispered.

"No, no. Nothing to be afraid of. Just keeping them in hostage."

"HOSTAGE?!" Seth stormed. He quickly teleported away from Masumi and came next to me and took hold of my hand. In a different situation, I would've gone all gaspy and lovey-dovey but this was not the time to be gaspy and lovey-dovey.

"Wait, Seth." Masumi said, and started walking towards us.

"Do something! Anything!" I whispered.

"Same to you!" Seth snapped back at me.

I stuck out my hand and tried sucking away his energy but it wasn't working. I tried pushing Masumi back with my telekinesis but that didn't work either. This time, I combined my nullification and telekinesis and it prevented Masumi from continuing to walk. He was paralyased.I grinned.

"Filomena, don't do this." Masumi said. "Don't do the same mistake your father did."

I shook my head but unfortunately he wasn't paralyzed anymore. Masumi laughed. Uh-oh, I thought. But I saw something rising behind him. It was a big boulder and Seth seemed to be struggling with it. So I used my telekinesis to help Seth with it. But I still kept my gaze on Masumi.

"I'm not going to kill you Filomena! Don't worry," Masumi said.

"Yeah, right," I muttered.

"We can work together. Control the world! Everyone will be our slaves! What an enormous influence we'll have on the world!"

For one moment I considered that option, but Seth's voice made me come back to normal, "Don't listen to him!" Seth yelled.

I looked away from Masumi and concentrated on Seth. He wasn't struggling much now with the boulder. Masumi tuned around to look at Seth but that's when Seth did it. I helped him with it too thought. Using my telekinesis, and him using his time manipulation power, we threw the boulder at Masumi who turned into the thin pizza with the weight of it. I looked away when it crashed on him and Seth came running to me and teleported us to…

"School?! Why here?" I asked him.

"We need to talk to your brother," Seth said.

"Yeah, but he studies in Voicehill, hello??"

Seth stopped in his tracks. "Voicehill, huh?" He said, sounding amused. He took hold of my hand and teleported us there. I looked at the "Big Ben" of Voicehill. It was 12 in the afternoon.

"Great! They have lunch now! Let's look for my brother!"

"No! Wait!" Seth came in my way. "Everyone would be like, what the hell are you doing here?!"

"Oh yeah. But Ray hangs out in the auditorium with is friends and believe me, there is a lot of them!"

"Okay, so lets just teleport there, and then grab him, and teleport him back to our house!"

"Sounds like a good idea," I said.

And that's exactly what we did.

The End

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