9. Power Payback [2/2]

A slight breeze came through the open window. Grandma stared at me in concern. She looked quite young and she was lucky she hadn't had the nullification power completely. "When you cured Seth from death, that created a special bond." I felt my cheeks go red. I do not like Seth. I was about to tell her that but instead she said, "I believe it was from the shock that Seth was your cousin and also that you were pressured to be responsible over your family, our family," she mused.

I blinked in disbelief. Ah-hah. So I don't have feelings for Seth. "But that doesn't prevent you from having sexual feelings toward my grandson." Grandma said in a matter-of-factly voice.

"Not like I will," I spat out bitterly. She laughed silently.

"I don't  think you want to admit that you can," she replied. How come grown ups are always right?! I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes, I opened them and she was gone. Instead, Seth was in front of me. "Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?" I questioned him, closing my eyes again.

"Actually, yes." I seemed different. I mean instead of Seth being cool, it was me. And instead of me being nervous, it was Seth. He must've been thinking along the same lines cause he said, "We've changed, huh?" I opened my eyes and stared at him.

"Not me, you," I said. He looked defeated and stared out the window.

"What is this special bond? Cause if it's love, I'm not agreeing to this plan."

"There's no plan in life, Seth. You have to make your own moves," I said.

"What if a person has no moves to make?" He asked, curious.

"Then they're a loner, a nobody."

Apparently Seth was disappointed by my answer. I heard a sudden loud noise and when I opened my eyes, Seth was leaning close to me. He had pushed away the chair s it had toppled to the ground. "Does that mean I'm a loner?"

I closed my eyes again and said, "Stop doing those romantic sudden leaning in moves, will you?" I heard him, after a while, collapse back onto the chair.

"I wish I could kill you," he mumbled.

"Try me. You can't," I said.


"Hello? Have you forgotten? I resurrected you from the dead. I can plop you right back down there if I want to."

"You sound like the daughter of Hades," he said spitefully.

I laughed. "Maybe I am."

He ignored me and looked out the window. I looked out too. The Aloysius' lived in an abandoned street. Nobody really lived there but I don't know why it was desserted. Picking at the red strands in my hair, I realized a hunched old man sitting in the middle of the street. It seemed like he was waiting for a car to…I don't know, crash into him and break every bone of his boy. I shook my head. No, he's an old man who's maybe just blind. Yeah, blind.

"We have to get out of her," Seth said, an urgent tone in his voice and panic struck across his face.

"What? Why?" I asked surprised.

"Are you blind? Can't you see the guy?" Seth yelled at me.

"Of course I can! He's a blind dude in the middle of the road. You act like he's the Devil or something!" I muttered.

Seth grabbed me by my shoulder and right when he took hold of me, it felt like fire spread through my veins making me on fire. But in a good way. He shook me and said, "Now look."

So I did. I looked back at the blind door old man, wanting to scold and prove Seth wrong. But instead, I saw- "Holy Saint Lucifer!!" I yelled.

"It was an illusion for you but not for me. So when I touched you, and you saw him, because of…" So much for special bond, I thought.

Obviously everyone in the Aloysius household ahd heard our yells because they all barged into the room. "What happened?" Grandma asked.

"Look! It's him!" Seth and I both yelled at the same time. We pointed out the window.

"I don't see anything!" Grandma said looking confused.

Seth and I exchanged secret looks then I nodded. "Form a circle and hold hands, everyone!" I yelled. After we formed a big circle, (I have to admit but I didn't notice before, all the boys in the Aloysius household are HOT) Seth teleported us to the mountains.

But he was right there. Right in front of us. How he got there, I did not know. But I did know is that I knew who he was now. A scar ran over his eye and he had a wicked grin on his face. His posture was stiff and his hands were curled in fists.

"Masumi, we meet again." Grandma said. Masumi crossed his arms and smiled. I muttered a curse word and his gaze shifted to me. Because right in front of me, was the traitor who killed my dad.

The End

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