8. Transformation Gate 1 Release! [1/2]

“How did they get here?” Seth cursed.

“How am I supposed to know?” I snapped.

It was them. The thugs were here. They had come looking for us. I couldn't believe it.

“They're probably going to target us first and then get to our families.” Seth muttered. I nodded. “I'm going to go fight them," Seth was about to teleport again but I grabbed him and said, “Wait! Be careful.” What was I doing?! Was I actually worried about Seth Aloysius? No! Not possible!!! He nodded and all I saw in front of me now was thin air.

I turned around and looked over the leaves. What was he doing?! He was talking to them! I saw no action! No WHAM, BOOM, CRASH! Talk, talk, talk. I mumbled to myself how 'useful' boys can be sometimes when…WHAM! I turned back and noticed that I was wrong. Seth was NOT useless and was fighting. Unfortunately…it looked like he could use some help. A guy with spiky black hair twisted Seth's arm and kept him from teleporting.

“Uh-oh.” I mumbled. Only after a minute did I notice the guy was armed…and was talking to me.

“Hey there! You better come down. This is the last time I'm telling you or your friend's getting injured.” I gulped. The guy wasn't possibly serious.

“Filomena, don't come down!” Seth strangled out. My mind was racing but it stopped when I heard a cry from Seth. I faced the blurring image and gasped. The guy had cut him across the neck, slightly to the side with a knife.

Blood was pouring down from his neck and I curled my hands into fists. I needed to realize, this wasn't like the movies. This was reality. A nightmare, come alive. I don't care what Seth said, I was coming down. The guy shook his head and slithered the knife across Seth's throat, a slight trail of blood forming behind it.

“NO!!!” I yelled and jumped off the branch. I felt a strong yellow aura form around me and as the wind pushed my hair back, the roots of my hair turned dark red and spread like a contagious disease through the rest of my hair. I felt different, newer, fresher…powerful.

“Transformation Gate 1, Release!” I yelled as I landed on the ground. The soil and rocks blasted and flew up in the air as my feet smashed into the ground. Surprisingly, my legs weren't broken and my body wasn't crushed.

I walked toward them through the dust and faced them. My hair flaming red, and feeling strong as ever, I said, “What were you saying?” They gaped at me but at least one recovered and came running towards me with a knife. He scythed at me and I kept leaping back, dodging the moves. Finally, after a few minutes of scything and dodging, he aimed at my chest and did a direct attack. I twisted his arm as he pounced on me (or tried to) and he dropped the knife. My next move was to get behind him and use my knee and aim for his back bone. He screamed in agony and fell to the ground. To make a long story short, I broke his spine.

Still keeping his arms timed behind his back and pushing his head down, I looked at the others. "You wouldn't want this happening to any of you, would you?" The gang stared at their friend and scrambled away. I left the guy there and walked towards Seth. I fell on my knees and felt his pulse. Nothing. I put my hand over his chest and felt no heartbeat. He couldn't be…no he couldn't be.

The End

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