7. The Last Descedant of the 4th Hokagae Line [3/3]

During last period, I received a note from Seth:


                    Meet me after school!!!


To make it worse, once the girls saw it, they said, “Ooh, is this a date?” Which really sucked cause it wasn't. NOT LIKE I'M SAYING I WANTED TO BE! I mean…never mind.



I met Seth in the park after school. He'd been waiting for me and he teleported us back to the tree. The view was beautiful, one not describable. I felt like I was flying, soaring, way up above, where no one can reach me…but Seth.

“So…” I said. He looked at me, and stared…how long we gazed into each others eyes, his eyes of dark brown that seemed like a large forest, that I fell into, so fathomless…STOP IT! I can't believe this! I looked away and I felt like he was trying to tell me something through his eyes because he was afraid to say it. But I never really figured it out because…THUMP!

I wobbled a little over the tree branch but Seth caught me by my elbow and steadied me. Except that moment, when he touched me, my heart thumped fast inside, and I felt…hot. Like, I was being touched by fire…but in a good way. He teleported us to another tree and we peered over the leaves and noticed that we had company that we had to deal with.

The End

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