7. The Last Descendant of the 4th Hokagae Line [2/3]

People around me held their breath. Christina laughed. “That’s one way to put it. I’m the daughter of the psycho-maniac’s brother. So know worries, my parents know yours. I mean, used to.” Christina said her expression solemn.

I remembered what Ray had told me: He killed his entire clan so he can gain enough power. One of the clan members was her father. I turned around to look at Seth but he seemed solid just like everybody else looked.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Hey, relax! No offense taken! The psycho-maniac is after me too! My uncle has definitely got attitude problems. He should be put in a retarded care center.” I laughed nervously. “So where’s our art teacher?” Christina asked me.

“We don’t have one. We just do our own stuff,” I said. Christina’s blue eyes sparkled and she looked at the clay in front of her. The whole class was looking at her. She stuck out her hand over her clay and the next second it was a piece of art. Ugly art. It was some sort of distorted man, his face scarred, and his posture stiff. But he had his hands closed in fists by his side.

“Is that-”

“My retarded uncle? Yeah, that’s him,” Christina sighed. The whole class was silent.

Until somebody said, “Did you use your power of electricity to make that?” Christina nodded.

“That’s cheating!” Justin yelled in a baby voice but it seemed like Seth wasn’t in the mood for Justin and his lame remarks and sort of nudged Justin in the ribs with is elbow. I turned around to see Seth. Our eyes met and he looked away after what seemed a decade.

Christina was still staring at the evil piece of art work.

“Hey, do you want to see your uncle melt?” I asked her. She frowned. I stuck out my hand and aimed at the feet of the psycho-maniac and sucked out the energy Christina had used on it and his legs began to melt.

“One cannot stand without his feet,” I remarked. Everyone laughed as we watched the figure melt away, even Seth seemed to have a twinkle in his eye. But everyone stopped with what I said next, “One cannot live without a heart.”

Christina smiled at me, but her eyes looked as icy as ever, and said two simple words that made the whole class stiffen up, “He won’t.”


The rest of the day was quite awkward. I told Ruth, Silone, Jane, and Stephanie about what happened with Seth the previous day. They didn’t exactly look at the emotional stuff the way I wanted them to.

“Was he making a move on you?”

“Man, does he like you?”

“Two cousins in love…SICK!”

I wish I could kill them but I only had one choice as to get through the teasing the whole day.

The End

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