6. The Untold Prophecy Of Future [2/4]

I opened my eyes. This time Ray was the one next to me. “Just listen to me.” I nodded and leaned against my pillow. “Dad never died from a car crash. Dad was murdered.” I froze. “He died from a disease.”

“How?” I asked.

“Dad was protecting Seth.”

“Why was he protecting Seth?!” I yelled.

Ray continued, “Dad used to have a friend called Future. He was the founder of Future Academy. As you know, dad married mom and etcetera and etcetera. Future had married someone from the Flair Hokagae line. Now, dad and Future had a friend called Christopher Flair. His elder brother didn’t like Future marrying a descendant of the Flair Hokagae. So he…”

Oh, please tell me, please, please, please…I begged in my mind.

“He killed his entire clan so he can gain enough power to fight against the other ones.” I gawked. What??? “He went chasing after Future to first kill him. Future was killed in a battle. Just before he died, he told dad…” Ray sighed, “-he told dad that Seth will be a descendant of Future. The only one that is truly his descendant.”

“How’s that possible?” I asked Ray.

“This is going to be sort of confusing but one of the later descendants of Future married someone from Seth’s line. After a while, the grandson of Future married Seth’s mom. He was the only grandson as everybody else was practically slaughtered to death by you know who. Now Christopher’s brother is after Seth.”

I choked out, “How did this kill Dad?”

“After killing Future, that delinquent went after dad to trigger our family. Dad was injected by a virus and was killed before he could get the cure.” Ray’s hands turned into fists but they slowly curled back to normality as he said, “You were born that same day. Dad had come to the hospital. I remember you crying and that’s when dad appeared and took you in his arms. You stopped crying the minute you were in his hands and laughed. I clearly remember his smiling, saying his last words with a twinkle in his eyes, “Name her Filomena.” ”

I covered my face with my hands and cried. I looked up and searched for a shard of glass and found some from the rubble where Ray crashed. “What are you doing?” Ray asked.

“Did dad ever…like kiss me on the check or anywhere else?” I demanded.

“I think on your forehead before he died. Why?”

I walked out the room and into the bathroom. I locked the door as Ray followed me and banged on the door. “Filomena, what are you doing?” Ignoring him, I looked at the mirror. I did four cuts across my forehead using the shard of glass, right between my eyebrows. I closed my eyes, ignoring the pain, ignoring the screams of my brother. When I opened my eyes, I saw blood raced down my face. I washed it and unlocked the bathroom.

My mother and Ray came barging in. Pointing at my scar, shaped like a diamond, I said, “The last thing I have from dad.”

The End

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