6. The Untold Prophecy Of Future [1/4]

I barged into my house.

“Hello, honey. How did school go?” I heard my mom say.

“Just fine!” I yelled and stormed up to my room and slammed the door in her face.

I don’t even know this woman! How is she even my mother? Mother’s don’t keep secret from their children! She did so she’s not my mother. Plus, I’m already fed up trying to discover who this elder brother is and what he did. Mr. Walker won’t tell me. I’m already shocked over Seth being my cousin.

I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling, wishing I had my father’s hair and not my mother’s. I wish I had my father’s powers. I wish…I wish he was alive. It’s still heart to absorb the fact that my dad died from a car accident even though he had Super Strength. But he just did. There was no explanation. He just did. Mom probably lied about that too!

I heard knocking on the door, “Filomena, your friend is here,” I heard Ray say.

I quietly got up from the bed and opened the door. Maybe he was lying; maybe he was setting me up. I tip-toed Ray downstairs. No one was there. All I saw is the dining table, four seats, one of them being mine. I was about to run back up but my brother grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to my chair.

“Sit down, shut up, and listen Filomena.”

I did as he told me to.

“Tell us what happened.”

 I stared up at my brother. Who was this guy? Ray never took me seriously. He never even said my name! Till today… So I told them everything. Everything from the chocolates on my desk to the notes I took in class.

“Is that true? Seth and I being cousins? Is all of it true?” I asked Martha Sparks.

“Yes it is,” she said. I groaned and thump 


I opened my eyes. Ray and mom were sitting next to me. The minute I opened my eyes, mom leaped and covered me by her huge massive body in a hug. I pushed her away.

“What happened?” I asked directing the question to Ray.

“You fainted. You dropped your head onto the chocolate cake. It was funny actually! You looked like a monster with chocolate on her face!”

Ray and Mom laughed nervously. I didn’t.

“Look, sweetie…” Martha said touching my hand.

I slapped it away.

“Don’t ‘sweetie’ me! You lied to me these past 14 years and if you want me to be your sweetie again then you should just… just undo the past!”         That was the lamest possible thing to say.

“Don’t blame it on mom, Filomena. She was just protecting you!” Ray said standing up.

“Protecting me? You call this protection?! Protection would’ve been telling the truth a long time ago! I’m not even sure if you’re my real family now!”

Martha’s eyes filled with tears. I yelped. I touched my face and pulled my hand away as I felt the stinging sensation. Ray had slapped me! I glared up at him. Using my telekinesis, I thrust my hand and Ray went flying against the side of the room. Sometimes, I’m so thankful I’ve got powers. I walked out the room but somehow I couldn’t move. Was mom using her telepathy against me? I…I…I…

The End

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