5. The Nullification Power [5/5]

I slowly skated to school. I didn't want to go to school and appear in front of a million people who are going to congratulate me…or not. I wanted to get rid of this power. But wait a minute…if I get to school faster, I could figure out from whom I got this power. From whom in my family. I started skating faster. Finally, I reached school. I noticed I was late and hurried to the front office.

The moment I entered, the secretary smiled at me and said, "Congratulations Filomena. You got the Nullifying power!"

Yeah, yeah, like I really cared. But instead, I smiled as bright as I could, took the tardy slip and hurried to class. The moment I stepped in, I saw confetti pop out of nowhere, chocolates and cards on my desk and people approaching me.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" They all yelled.

I smiled and hurried to my desk, pushing away the chocolates and cards. Everyone looked at me expectantly.

"I'll look at them later," I said.

They groaned and sat down. We had Mr. Walker for first period for Science class. I raised my hand and he nodded.

"Am I the only person in history to have this power? How is it possible that I got it? And why me?"

Everyone's heads turned to face Mr. Walker again.

He sighed and said, "Filomena, it's a long story. But if you insist…"

I got up.

"I want to know."

Everyone looked back at Mr. Walker.

He sighed again and then said, "In the past, their were 4 people known as the Hokagaes. They were believed to be the most powerful of our…species. One on them was from your line."

I knew that.

"As the descendants kept growing, your father was one of them."

Well duh, just get to the point.

"The Hokagae line kept growing. Recall that all of the Hokagaes were men. Their were certain rules put for the Hokagaes."

I stiffened. They way Mr. Walker said that made me feel uncomfortable.

"They were broken by your family. Your family and Seth's."

How come my family never told me about this before?

When I turned around to look at Seth, he looked relaxed but I could see from his eyes that he didn't want to know the rest of this.

"One of the rules was that no one from the Hokagae line could marry another person from another line. However, your father married someone from Seth's Hokagae line."

"Martha Aloysius," I gasped out.

"This broke the rules. They weren't punished but they were put in grave danger of the two hokagae lines having a feud. It started a war but it ended the rules. Nowadays, the rules don't exist for the Hokagae lines. But, there is a fight going on between your Hokagae line and Seth's."

I gulped.

"How is this supposed to be related to my power?"

"Your mother is Seth's aunt. Now in the Aloysius Hokagae line, there was one woman who had the Nullifying power. Just a tiny bit. It was your grandmother. Now your mother's blood has a bit of the Nullifying power. And you got it."

Everyone was shocked. How is this even possible when I'm already living in a world full of fairy tales?

"Now, Future being the founder of Future Academy married someone from his friend's Hokagae line. He also broke the rules. His friend's elder brother didn't-"

"Didn't what?" I asked.

Mr. Walker didn't say anything.

"Didn't what?" I asked again.

Mr. Walker shook his head and started class.

I had to find out what happened.

I had to.


Notes from Class:


1st Hokagae: The Sparks Hokagae Line: Dad was from this

2nd Hokagae: The Aloysius Hokagae Line: Mom was from this

3rd Hokagae: The Future Hokagae Line: Future was from this

4th Hokagae: The Flair Hokagae line: Dad and Future's friend was from this


Father loved mom à problem between Sparks and Aloysius Hokagae line.


Future loved someone from Flair Hokagae line à friend's bro didn't ---?


Seth's aunt = mom à resulting to…Seth being my cousin? We're blood related?




The End

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