5. The Nullification Power [3/5]

I sighed and walked toward the boy. This was pointless, it's not like I had another power anyway. Suddenly, Ruth appeared.

"Hey, Filo-chan. You're doing the physical test now too?" She greeted me using a Japanese term.

Where did she come from? Was this a set up?

"It's me. You're not being set up."

"Prove it," I snapped at her.

Ruth walked next to me and said, "You just got your hand burnt by Seth."

Only our class knew about the incident with Seth. I smiled at her. She walked back to stand next to the virtual dude.

I frowned and asked her, "What are you doing?"

"We're supposed to fight against each other, right?"

What? Suddenly a band of fire enclosed around her. She screamed.

"Ruth!" I yelled, worried to hell.

What was this guy doing to her? Ruth concentrated on him and tried using her power but nothing happened.

"I'm computer generated against mind illusions," he said, "and if you want to watch your friend wither into ashes, see her suffer, her scream, her-"


A shockwave went through the whole forest, a shudder that broke some of the trees. I realized that my eyes were shut and my hands had gone up to cover my ears. When I opened them, I saw Seth. He looked pretty scared. No, envious, jealous. He had a weird look on his face that I couldn't really describe.

Everybody stared at me, shocked.

Ruth came walking up to me and said, "Good job, Filomena."

She disappeared. So it had been a set up. The forest disappeared, the virtual boy along with it. The real Ruth came running towards me.

"What is it? What happened?" She asked, anxious.

"I have a new power," I whispered.

The End

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