5. The Nullification Power [2/5]

Seth and I stepped back. Tommy gulped. He brushed back his long blonde hair and in his hand appeared a ball of ice. Whoa, was this going to be a long fight. The black haired boy did this cool sort of move with his hands which sent a wave of fire around Tommy. Tommy was too fast though. He made a barricade of ice around him. The fire closed around it, surrounded it. Whatever was happening to Tommy inside, we did not know.

But what we did know was that Tommy would've reacted with another power if he had one. Tommy has two powers, like everybody else, one was Fire and the other, Steelman. He can turn into steel or metal. We didn't see any sudden things happening.

The fire band stopped and the boy said, "You're finished."

Tommy was sweating like crazy when he walked back to us.

"How hard was it?" I asked him.

"It matters on what powers you have," Tommy informed me.

"Next, Seth," the…robot said.

Seth stepped forward. He didn't have anything in his hands to use for a weapon.

"You're an interesting case, Aloysius. You only have one power and you can't form anything out of it. So I just have to surround you in fire and see what you do."

The virtual boy, thing, whatever it was had another ball of fire in it's hand. Seth stood there, staring at the boy. Another band of fire came out and surrounded Seth. We saw him through the ring of fire, his hands in his pockets. The next second, he was gone.

"What?" Tommy and I gasped.

"Girl with the purple underwear," I heard someone whisper in my ear.

It was Seth. He had his arm around my shoulder. His hand was hanging down loosely next to mine. The next moment he was gone and reappeared next to the virtual boy and punched him. The boy went flying into the trees.

"He's got Teleportation," Tommy said, reading my mind.

So lucky, if he got Teleportation and Time Manipulation he's practically invincible. The virtual boy stood up again and smiled at Seth. Seth reappeared next to Tommy.

"Your next, purple undie."

The End

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