5. The Nullification Power [1/5]

"Just calm down. It's okay, we're okay," Jane and Ruth told me as we walked down the hallway.

I had gone to the nurse, as well, to get my hand wrapped. Seth had thrown the ball really fast that it was practically on fire. It touched me and I was burnt.

"Him and his gang of hyenas.  He is such a-" Curses, curses, curses.

"Look, calm down Filomena. It was a game."

"Exactly! It was a game. So he shouldn't have hit you guys that hard," I turned on them.

They smacked their selves on the head.

"Besides, how would he like it if he had his hand burnt up?!" I yelled.

When I barged into class, everyone looked up at me. Justin snickered. Stephanie, Sakura, and Silone came rushing towards me.

"Did those shameless pigs hurt you?" Sakura asked.

I laughed as I walked towards my seat. I sat down and looked up to see Mr. Walker.

"It's about time for the exams to start. So stand up."

Everyone stood up.      

"These are your partners for the physical test, Sakura and Joe, Stevie and Stephanie,."

Etcetera. And guess who I was left with? Tommy and Seth. Tommy's okay but Seth SUCKS. I'm doomed. I followed my 'partners' to the first room. We had to take a blood test designed for seeing if we have a new power. After that was the last test; the physical test.

I had to fight against Tommy and Seth. Oops, no. We had to fight individually against this computer generated character with a power. Then why did we have to have partners? To get 'humiliated (yet again) in front of them'? We went into a room and as we stared at the white painted wall, it changed into a big forest. There were trees around us and in front of us was a boy with black hair and jeans.

He looked like our age and said, "Hey."

What was I supposed to say? He was computer generated.

I just nodded at him. The next think I knew, he took his hands out of his pocket and had a ball of fire in it.

"First, Tommy."

The End

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