4. Dodgeball [3/4]

Seth took the ball. I twirled around and saw Silone blink her eyes for the force field but Ruth was already out. She was bleeding. Seth had hit her so she went flying back towards a metal pole. She coughed out blood.

I was furious. No one can get away with injuring my best friend. Silone rushed to Ruth and glared at Seth. She quickly made a force field around them and rushed towards the school building to take Ruth to the nurse. Great, now we were only two; Jane and I. I had a plan. I gave the ball to Jane and she threw the ball at Mike again. Just as he was about to put a barricade around him of rock, like he usually does when we play dodgeball, I stuck out my hand and absorbed his energy.

He fell to the ground, weary. You see, my power isn't harmful if I do it directly to a person. All it does is make them tired. But if I took an object's energy and used it on a person, then it feels they're getting stuck by an arrow of light. It happens so fast that they can do nothing to stop it.

There were still three of them left to take. I saw Phillip reach for the ball.

As he looked up at me from behind his long brown hair that flopped down to his eyes, he said, "Sorry."

I blinked. Jane was in front of me and evaporated.

"What?" He yelled.

I just grinned and the next thing I knew, he was out! Okay, so there were two of them left. Seth stared at me. He reached for the ball and aimed at Jane. A look of horror came on her face. She backed up but it was no use. Jane got hit hard by the ball and all the other Jane's disappeared. He had hit the original.

The End

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