4. Dodgeball [2/4]

"You guys take the ball. Ladies first," Justin boy told me.

I scowled at him and gave the ball to one of the million copies of Jane. She flexed her arms and then threw it. Justin went flying through the trees, his bones scrunching.

"Ooh, my bad," Jane muttered.

One out, six to go.

Seth took the ball, closed his eyes and threw.

BAMM! Stephanie went flying off. I quickly made her float in the air and land on a bench.

"I told you my powers suck," she said looking at Sakura.

Sakura grinned but then gave the ball to Jane.

"Wait," Sakura said.

She looked at they sky and her eyes turned white. The sky turned foggy.


BAMM! What happened? The sky turned back normal. Stevie was lying against the trees, he had been hit by one of Jane's powerful throws. Two out, five to go.

This was getting easy. Mike Rover took the ball. Now the thing about Mike is he has Nature Control. so he did something that shocked us all. A very simply move that got Sakura out. He put the ball on the ground and did a motion with his hands that made him look like he's pushing it. Cracks formed behind the ball in a quick motion and sent the ball rushing across the ground to just tap Sakura's foot. She was out. We all gaped.

I was shocked. Sakura, the mind reader, couldn't read his mind cause the move was too fast. Mike is good. Sakura was out and we had to find a way to get Mike out. He's fast. We only had four people left in our team; me, Silone, Ruth and Jane. And on the other team, there were five players left,; Seth, Tommy, Mike, Joe, and Phillip. Ruth is pretty powerful but the thing is, she's not really allowed to use her powers more than once because it can cause brain damage for her victims.

Ruth took the ball and then concentrated on Joe Goner. He clasped his head and fell to the ground. Oh boy, he really was a goner now.

"It's easy now."

Ruth tossed the ball to Jane and Jane did a light toss at Joe. Joe fell to the ground and I concentrated on him and made him float to the bench next to Stevie. Three out, four to go.

The End

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