4. Dodgeball [1/4]

I quickly changed into my sweatshirt and shorts. I walked out into the glaring sun, towards the rest of the class.

Mr. Frost, our P.E teacher said, "Today, we're to play dodgeball. Split yourselves into two teams and be a bit easy on the new girl."

He stepped back but after a few minutes we had no idea where he was. It was boys against girls.

I flashed back to what the boy's powers were:


Seth Aloysius:

1. Manipulate Time : To be able to make things move faster than normal, to make actions faster than normal. For example, if Seth is running to punch a man in high speed, to him, everything around is in slow motion and his punch to him would be a normal punch, but for the man getting the punch would be like getting hit by a concrete wall or a train. The impact would be devastating. It is somewhat an alternative to super-strength. 


Tommy Banks:

  1. Steelman: He can turn his body into steel.
  2. Fire


Justin Maxmeller:

  1. Super Speed
  2. Weather Control: He can change the weather


Stevie Woods:

  1. Fly
  2. Super Speed


Joe Goner:

  1. Super Speed
  2. Super Strength


Mike Rover:

  1. Nature Control: He has control over nature.
  2. Ice


Phillip Taylor:

  1. Skin Manipulation: He can manipulate other people's skin, make warts appear
The End

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