3. New Girl [1/2]

When we came home and told mom, she was impressed. Surprisingly, Ray was acting very nice. I wonder why? But anyway, I added to the list about Johnny:




1. Fly: Fly

2. Supersonic Waves: Can destroy anything in his way using his voice, or sound waves


When I went to school the next day, the news had spread about Johnny's new power. Some people were congratulating me. Jane was all, "You're so lucky!" Silone Stummer, another friend of mine was like patting my back all the time. Silone can be described extra-ordinary. She has long blue hair and green eyes. She also has really good powers. I'll tell you later.

Stephanie Davis is another friend of mine. She was sort of jealous about Johnny's new power. She thinks hers are a waste. But they are really good! She has bright blonde hair and dark blue eyes.

Ruth Michelle is very close to my brother. She is like an elder sister to him. She was all, "I have to fight him!" She has amazing powers.

Finally, here is their list of powers:



  1. Force Fields: A bubble that can protect anything in it.
  2. Manipulating Emotions: She can put someone else's emotion in someone else. For example: If she sees a kid getting bullied and gets hurt, she can take the kids pain and put it in the bully.



  1. Identity Change: She can change how she looks, her voice, etc. For example, she can pretend to be me by changing her voice and making herself look like me.
  2. Memory Forever: She can read something and keep it in her mind forever.



  1. Multiply: She can make as many copies of herself.
  2. Super Strength



  1. Telepathy: She can invade people's mind. She can be immortal if she wants to be. She can shift her mind to someone else's body.


Ruth doesn't have another. If you have a really strong power (obviously, telepathy is), you can't get another one. It applies to Seth too.


Well that’s it for their powers. We walked into class and a big crowd came surging towards us. I tried to use my telekinesis to make the crowd float in the air but they were too many! Mr. Walker saw this happening and used his power to help us. SNAP! We quickly walked to our desks. SNAP!


The class went skidding towards the metal door but stopped in time so they didn't smash. You see, Mr. Walker's power is to freeze time or make time faster. His power is the same as Seth's, in a way. The class turned around to see me and came running towards me. Mr. Walker froze time again so that only their eyes could move.

"If you guys want to get unfrozen, then you better go and sit down so we can talk about the new student and exams."

Everyone's eyes got wide. As Mr. Walker unfroze time, they moved back to their desks. I noticed that the only people who hadn't come running toward me, was Seth's gang. They were just remaining in their seats.

"OW!" I yelled.

"Is there a problem?" Mr. Walker asked turning around.

I shook my head no, and touched the back of my head. A huge lump, I grimaced and looked down. There was a tiny paper. The only person who could have done this was Seth. I turned around to see him and he looked away. I bent down, got the paper and read:


Your brother's got NO chance to survive with his powers.

The End

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