2. Johnny's New Power [3/3]

Me and Johnny walked home after school. He only flies if he is in a bad mood.

He says, “Flying makes my heart soar”. Seriously, no kid ever talks like that. Johnny knew about the fight and he was all proud that I had beaten up a boy. What can you expect? I told him but he was too happy and didn’t hear me.

We turned the corner when I bumped into this guy. He was a thug, that’s for sure. He was wearing an earring and had tattoos all over his arm. He saw the Power Controller bracelet and grinned. He was having that, “Let’s Have Some Fun” look.

He whispered something to this guy behind him and then said, “What’s your power? Huh?”

He pushed me on the shoulder and I think he had Super Strength since I went flying back.

“Filomena!” Johnny yelled. I winced. I tried taking the bracelet off as I knew this was an emergency but it was like it wouldn’t budge. It just stuck on. They surrounded me and were pushing and mocking at me asking for my power when I saw Johnny flying on top of their heads. He floated down and stood in front of me like my bodyguard.

“And who are you supposed to be?” Another thug asked.

“Go away.” Johnny said.          

I have to admit, Johnny looks kind of tough when he gets angry. He has long black hair and when he gets angry his eyes go red. A strong wind came and made Johnny’s hair flame up.

“Hey look… this wimp’s come to the rescue!” they started laughing.      “Go away.” He said again.

Johnny didn’t look like a 2nd grader anymore. His hands curled into fists. Seeing this one of the thugs who were telekinetic made a metal pole from opposite the road come flying towards us.

“NO!!!” Johnny screamed!

A strong gust of wind came in front. I looked up and saw the thugs skin ripping and saw these strong waves emerging from Johnny’s mouth. His new power... The metal pole had turned into nothing. The thugs ran away. Johnny turned around to see me, his eyes sparkling blue.

“Boo!” he said and grinned. 

The End

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