2. Johnny's New Power [1/3]

Today would not be described amazing but extraordinary. You would not believe what happened. Remember, I’m in the anime world. So imagine it like that:


“Wake up Filomena. It’s time for school.” Mom yelled.

I got up, and looked at my reflection. My hair was all stuck up. “Great. Just great.” I muttered to myself.

I looked across the room and saw Johnny getting up from bed, slowly and dragging himself to the bathroom. I got up and joined him. We brushed our teeth in the well furnished bathroom of ours. Of OURS. Not Johnny, Filomena, and Ray. But Johnny and Filomena.

Of course he has his own room because he is too old for sharing. Plus he goes to a different school where you it’s stricter. Lies! All lies to my mom. He hangs around with his friends! But anyway…

I took a quick shower and put on our school uniform; short skirt and a white shirt. I went downstairs and yelled “Good Morning!”

"Good Morning honey.” My mom said.

My mom has short purple hair. She is however beautiful unlike me.  “Mmm… pancakes!”

Mom nodded waited for me to sit down next to Ray and start eating.

Ray looked at me with his dark black eyes.

“Hey little “rotten” pumpkin.” He said snickering about my hair.

I went red and started yelling at him. BROTHERS! Johnny came down the stairs and saw us fighting. He walked quietly to the kitchen area, took 2 frying pans, flew on top of us and started hitting us on the head.

Sometimes, Johnny IS a pest. He joined us at the table after all that racket. Ray got up from the table and said bye to mother, got his stuff and walked out of the house.

“NO!” Me and Johnny yelled.

We ate our pancakes in one second flat. I used my telekinesis to make my bag float to me and put on my skates. Johnny quickly got his stuff and flew through the door yelling bye to mom.

I joined him and caught up with Ray. Okay, okay, I do NOT love my brother Ray. The only reason is because me and Johnny spy on Ray to see if he is going to school or hanging around with his gang. Ray grunted when he saw us follow him. Silence for 5 minutes. Suddenly Ray stuck out his hand. Since I was right behind him, I felt my throat explode and Johnny went flying the other direction. Ray had used his power against. By the time me and Johnny recovered, Ray was gone.  

The End

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