1. Different Past, Different Future

Yes but for only one moment in my whole life did I think that such a catastrophe like this would happen! Seriously, does my life get any worse? Well let me see, I go to Seezo’s Pizza to only bump into the most popular IDIOT in the whole school!

“What the?!” he yells.

Why is he popular anyway? He has dark blue hair that is sort of spiky and dark brown eyes. Everything he has is dark; his backpack, his earrings, his shoes, his clothes… By the way, clothes these few years (my whole life!) are more like gadgets! Our school uniform has these buttons which you click on and they might show a map or notes for a class etc.

But anyway… I just walked away.

“Watch where you’re going, girl with the purple underwear.”

Well he assumes I have purple underwear because of my HAIR! I hate to admit this but I have dark long purple hair. It’s silky but PURPLE! My dark hazelnut brown eyes go along with it. I’m not the type of person who applies make up so much that it makes you look like a ghost. I’m just a normal girl who goes to East Hill Academy in Tokyo. Yeah, Tokyo. Well first this school was in Virginia but they moved it here because of a stupid contract or something. And going to this school makes me feel like a rotten skunk.

What’s this boy’s name again? Sell… Sow… Sat…Set… Seth Aloysius ! That was it Seth Aloysius! And he’s popular for no reason but because how “cool” he is. And the thing about the future is… people have powers. Yeah I know. SCREAMS! But it’s true. You know some people had telekinesis and stuff in the past… well those people get married and have children who have the same powers and they get married and they have children and so on… The world was populated with “special” people. And that was the new generation.

Also the cool thing about the future is that you can switch to different worlds. At home there is this machine called The World Definer and like if you want to go to animated world you can. It’s the same place and stuff except everyone is animated. You see everyone animated. But maybe your parents are in another world. Like human world. And they see YOU as humans. But you still have breakfast together and stuff. Get it?

But anyway…Seth just walked past me and sat down on a table. The thing about me is I try to be friendly with everyone. I mean I know Seth is a really loving person inside but he shows himself all tough and stuff on the outside. So what I’m saying is that, I don’t completely hate Seth. It’s just that I feel like he is sort of different from others. But just remember I’m friendly to everyone.

So, I sat down next to him and said, “Hi.”

He ignored me but his response was putting his legs on top of the table. I slid my hands off the table so he won’t smash them. Plus since he has the power of “Manipulating Time”, I don’t want him affecting me. (I’ll tell you about powers later on.)

“Seth! What are you doing sitting next to her?!”

I turned around to see his “fan club” also called as his “gang”.

“I don’t see anyone next to me.” Seth replied staring at his gang.

IF ONLY I HAD SUPER STRENGTH I WOULD’VE SMASHED HIM TILL HIS DEATH! I got up quietly, controlling my anger, and then walked out of the restaurant empty handed.

When I came back home, Mom said, “Where are the pizzas? I thought you said you were going to the Seezo’s Pizza shop.”

“No mom. Let’s just have home made food.”

My little brother, Johnny came to me and asked, “No pizza?”

“No, Johnny not today.” I ruffled his hair.

Unlike all other families, my family is a very… calm one. My brother is NOT a pest. Actually, I rather prefer a brother then a sister. He is a very considerate person. He is in 7 years old and in 2nd grade while I’m 17 and in 11th grade. My name is Filomena Sparks.  My elder brother, Ray, is in 2nd year university. He however, is a pest. He is always bullying me. If my father were here, he would’ve beat my brother. My father, Thomas Sparks, is dead. He had a car accident. He died when I was 6. I didn’t know him much though. My mom is Martha Sparks and she is an excellent cook and the greatest mom in the world.

Well that is it about my family. Let me tell you about the “Powers”.




Everyone has 2 powers. That’s the only possible amount. These powers could be used in any way. Some people’s powers help them defend themselves, bully, or even cheat an exam! My powers are:


1.   Telekinesis: I can move things using my mind.

2.   Energy Manipulation: I can take anything’s or anyone’s energy and use it.


Seth’s Powers:


1.   Manipulate Time : To be able to make things move faster than normal, to make actions faster than normal. For example, if Seth is running to punch a man in high speed, to him, everything around is in slow motion and his punch to him would be a normal punch, but for the man getting the punch would be like getting hit by a concrete wall or a train. The impact would be devastating. It is somewhat an alternative to super-strength. 


My Family’s Powers:



1.   Fly: Fly



1.   Regeneration: He can grow body parts again; healing. Also heal others.

2.   Super Strength



1.   Telepathy: Able to invade other people’s minds.



1.   Super Strength


Mom and Dad only have/had one power because they were from the PAST because people from the past had fewer powers. Johnny still has to figure what his other power is.   

That’s it for today.

The End

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