Dear Diary,

You know, I never really expected my life to turn out to be this bad. The word I might be looking for is complicated. In my world, everything seems to be a fairy tale. But fairytales have happy endings. Though everyone describes there life a good old romantic fairy tale, I would describe mine a mystery. Sure, I got a happy ending, but there were many questions that were not answered. Like, who was that girl who had been watching me right when I got resurrected back to life? Is there an unknown descendant of Future out there? I knew that maybe in my life, these questions might not get answered. But when I die again, would I face the truth? Would I have the answers to the questions I seek? Many people tell me to live life as it is. I'm trying too. I'm starting again hoping this time, my life won't become any more of a nightmare then it already is.


The End

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