3. Danger, Danger Go Away, And Don’t Come Back Another Day

Filomena Sparks

Why in the world had I offered to buy dinner out here of all the places I could have chosen? Seth Aloysius was just the bad boy of our school, the one whose name would always be heard when someone in the hallway was talking about a fight; or the name you'd see written across the bathrooms with some curse that I'd rather not think of right now. Was he really as bad as I'd imagined?

I stared at him, the silence quietly suffocating me as I waited for him to say something other than the, "Oh boy not you again." Finally he did.

"So...you ordered pizza huh?"

A quizzical look crossed my face and I stopped myself from saying anything back like, "Congrats Sherlock on the big mystery as to why I'm here." So instead, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

"Ok...so three large pizzas, rebuking my friend Steve, and no reply to my question...you must have quite an appetite for trouble, though you don't look that way."

I decided not to answer that too before my big mouth got the better of me. I'm a friendly girl and I was curious about Seth but right now, its like my mind had taken control and it would rather I stayed silent then to be my bubbly self. But as an excuse, I got to go when Stevie called me over to get my pizzas.

"You gave me 5 bucks less," he muttered, placing the plastic bag on top of the counter. I looked at him a little suspiciously.

"No I didn't. 10 bucks per pizza right? I ordered three."

"I know that. But we bumped up the price of the pepperoni," he muttered, uninterested in continuing the conversation with me.

I decided to ignore his boredom on the subject and reached into my wallet, searching for a fiver.

A cool wind from outside ruffled my hair and I glanced to my right. Two guys that looked about in their early twenties walked into the restaurant, talking loudly and laughing like rowdy-boys. A wave of disgust washed over me when one of them said a dirty joke. I was out of here. Fast.

"Thanks Steve. See you around."

I pushed the money he wanted into his hand and grabbed the bag, walking past the two idiots and towards the exit. But before I stepped back into the outside world, I turned my head to look once more at Seth. My brown eyes locked with his dark ones and within a split second, I sent him a telepathic cry for help - one I knew wouldn't reach him.

My feet hit the sidewalk hard as I stepped out the restaurant. My pace quickened when I had the feeling that those punks were going to follow me. Only a few more blocks till I got home.

"Hey babe, why the hurry?"

Crud! Just when I was about to break into a run, I felt my body freeze. Oh how much I detest these guys.

"Don't you want to have some fun? You're not going anywhere till I release your shadow."

The guy with blonde hair stepped in front of me, grinning. Great, he had Shadow Manipulation. I felt his comrade behind me and who knew what powers he had. I had no choice.

I winked at the blondie and whispered, "Don't you want me all for yourself?"

He was drunk enough to do something stupid...like release me. I quickly turned around, lifting my leg and smashing my foot against the right side of the brownie's head. He yelped in pain and I had a satisfied feeling inside me. Sticking my hand out, I sucked his energy, a powerful beam of light connecting us and I felt myself growing stronger with each second. The brownie fell to the ground, unconcious and I rubbed my hands together, feeling proud.

"'kay babe, your place or mine?"

A flame of anger lit inside me and I turned around, my eyes flickering menacingly.

"You sure about that?"

This guy was too drunk to realize that I was serious. And he was too drunk to use his own powers against me. At least, that's what I thought. When I was about to throw his body back against the metal pole behind him - aiming to injure his spine - I felt the blade against my throat.

"You come with us or you're dead," I heard him rasp in my ear.

This wasn't going exactly as planned. Besides, wasn't this guy supposed to be knocked out? But then, a blur appeared before my eyes and before I knew it, blondie went crashing through the brick wall. The guy behind me was distracted and the knife clattered to the ground below. This was my chance. But before I got to do anything, Seth had that guy flying through the wall of another building.

He turned to me, flexing his arm. "You can't ever steer clear out of danger can you?"

I glared at him and said back bitingly, "And you can't help but show off your mighty powers can you?"

"Jeez, no thanks for saving your life?" He hissed, bending down to pick up my jacket. I snatched it out of his hands and put it on quickly, picking up my unharmed pizzas.

"Thanks Seth." I muttered and started walking away.

"You don't sound like you mean it!" He yelled. Rolling my eyes, I turned around on my heel. I've never liked Seth. One reason, cause he stole one of my best friends from me, Tommy. But right now, I really didn't like him just because of the fact that he had to be the one to turn up on the spot and be my hero. I was going to owe him big time.

He stared at me expectantly, eyebrow raised.

"Urgh!" I groaned, throwing one hand up in the air in frustration. "Just walk me home alright! Do what you want! Or have dinner with us! I'm eternally in your control, happy now?"

The End

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