2. Seth Aloysius

You gotta be kidding me.

That's what I had to say for myself when she came over to my table. Really, of all nights, tonight? What was her name again? Filo, Lilo... oh yeah Filomena Sparks.

Sparks. I didn't like them. Her family garnered a lot of respect in the community but not from mine. Though my Dad never told me the particular details, he often said that Martha Sparks and her husband had always been arrogant toerags. Well their arrogance had gotten them to the point that John Sparks later got himself killed in an accident.

Although I didn't see what was really bad about them, I did get this vibe that I never really wanted to talk to any of the members of the Sparks family. So looking up to her, I just said, "Oh boy, not you again."

It was silence all along. I had listened to what she had told Steve and couldn't help laughing inside. Her pizzas were done for, after that rebuke to Steve. But for christ sake, she was right there across my table. I had to say something. I'm not my Dad, and its not like he has barred me from speaking to Sparks. Of course I had already told him that there are no rules in my world unless I make them. So just to break the ice, I took the initiative, 

"So...you ordered pizza huh?"

Her reaction: a quizzical look, and no reply. I just wanted to slap myself. Was that the best I could do? "You ordered pizza huh?" Why the heck would she be here in a pizza restaurant you idiot?

"Ok...so three large pizzas, rebuking my friend Steve, and no reply to my question...you must have quite an appetite for trouble, though you don't look that way."

No reply once again. I gave up eventually. I suppose she was just too scared to even start a conversation. Most people reacted the same way to me at school. Don't know why exactly... I suppose it was just a vibe to them to keep away from me.

Steve and I were good friends though, and he always treated me for some drinks and food here at the restaurant. We often stayed till late night until he cleaned up. I suppose he is one of the few friends I have.

Half an hour went by, and then we had two other customers come in. Filomena's pizzas were ready and she was counting bucks over at the cashier. One look at the two guys, and I knew things were going to go down tonight.

I saw them approach her, look her up and down. One guy even got the nerve to prank her. But why should that concern me? She gave them looks of disgust and eventually left, but not before she stole one more glance at me. This time, I didn't reply.

The two guys didn't make any particular order and left within five minutes. But from what I could see, they were gonna go for her.

Giving a sigh, I stood up telling Steve,  "I better help out or she won't be going home in one piece."

"Bro, is this a day or what? I just get rebuked by this chick who hates me, and now you, are going soft on her?" replied Steve.

"Steve, quit joking, you saw those guys and what they were doing. I'm not going soft on anybody, just making sure she gets back home safe." I replied.

"Yeah, yeah, just watch your back. Give me a call if you need help alright?" replied Steve.

"Thanks bro. But I think I'll be fine. And no word of this goes to my father" I said tenaciously to Steve.

"Its not like I'm a spy for your father Seth. You know me." replied Steve.

"Yes I do bro. I trust you, and that's why you are my friend." I replied with a smile as I left.

But walking along the way, I had one other voice of reason to argue with about what I was doing tonight. My own self.

"Why the heck would I need to help her? She is from the Sparks family, and we get treated like garbage by them, why would I wanna help her anyways?"

The voice kept repeating in my head, but it never really did influence me, cause soon I found myself walking along the path right behind where I had last seen the  where I had last seen the two guys follow her.

Damn it, Steve is going to get a good laugh out of this tonight.


The End

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