1. Filomena Sparks

Filomena Sparks

"Gotcha!" My little brother yelled in excitement, jumping up and down in his seat. Then composing his face to a look of seriousness, he said, "That'll be 1900 bucks."

I rolled my eyes at him and sifted through the fake money, handing him what he wanted. He took the cash out my hand and gave me a cheeky grin and I rolled my eyes at him in response.

"Okay then, why don't we all pause the game for a short while while we go make dinner together?" My mother said, getting up from her seat around the table. A loud groan came from Johnny while the brat on my right, leaned back on his seat - not really caring about what was going on.

"But mom! We just started!" Johnny whined, tugging at my mother's hand to sit back down again.

"You mean you just started winning," Ray muttered with his eyes closed.

I ignored the squabble that broke out between my little brother and mom and the snide remarks coming from Ray, my older brother. Looking down at my watch, I noticed that it was a quarter past seven and that mom was right, we had to have dinner soon.

"Why don't I just go and buy some pizza for us?" I interrupted. Mom looked at me and smiled, her eyes glinting.

"That is a great idea! I don't want to cook anyways," she said, sitting back down.

"I'll play on behalf of you."

"No thanks," I snapped at Ray. God knows what evil plan he had on his mind to get me bankrupt. "Mom, you fill in for me. I'll be back in no time."

Getting up, I headed toward my room to put on a light sweater over my t-shirt and changed from my shorts into black jeans. Once I was ready, I jumped out my window and landed softly on the ground, starting to walk towards the restaurant. A cool wind ruffled my hair and I wrapped my sweater around me a little tighter. The weather was starting to get colder now that we were closer to Christmas. I smiled at the thought of the celebrations we'd have as a small family and excitement went through me. I couldn't wait.

My family was truly one of the best you could ever live with. I have a little brother - Johnny, an older one - curse him - Ray, then the best mother ever. Johnny's nine years old and in the fourth grade, quite young. I remember how when he was born, my mother said, "I think an angel just fell from heaven." He truly looks and acts like one. Johnny has boyish cut blonde hair and sapphire color eyes that sparkle constantly. When you're down, he's there to brighten your mood and he's a good listener if you need someone to rant nonstop about your older brother to. But because of his young age, he still acts a bit like a baby which can be a pain when you're trying to make him understand something serious.

Ray however, is a totally different case. He's the exact opposite of Johnny - like Lucifer reincarnated into a human form or something. All he did since I was a baby was pick on me and bully me till the point I burst into tears and went running to 'mommy'. He still hadn't changed - a pain in the ass. He's 20 and is going to a university here. Mom refused for him to go live in the residence and I don't think he wanted to go either, even though he acted like he did. Ray always has a load of girls around him outside of home and the reason he states is because 'his looks kill'.  He looks like a movie star - I admit it, with his muscular build, endearing emerald eyes and silky jet black hair. But seriously? What is wrong with you girls? He is so shallow. Go get a life with someone else, you're just wasting your time.

My mother was a totally different story. Her name's Martha and she's sweet as her name sounds. She has short golden blonde  hair, baby blue eyes and a heart shaped face which makes her look very young for her age. Johnny has a startling resemblance of her and the only difference is his eyes which are a bit darker compared to hers. Mom has lead the family since my father died. She's always been strong which gave Ray courage and hope during that time since he was the only one who'd gotten to know dad. Dad died before I was born so I'd never gotten to know him. Strangely, I missed him. I'd always wanted to know who he was but that was something I'd never be able to figure out so I was going to have to live with that.

I pushed the glass door, walking into the restaurant. The familiar scent of pepperonni pizza hit me and I sniffed, my stomach churning. I should order fast before someone else makes theirs and takes up my time. Making my way toward the counter, I noticed the one behind it was one of my classmates from school.

"Hey Stevie. What are you doing here?" I asked, smiling brightly.

He looked glumly back at me, apparently not in the same mood as I was. "None of your business. Will you please bug off if you're here to make small chat? I have a life."

I narrowed my eyes at him, we never actually got along so why exactly had I expected a difference.

"You call working in a pizza shop a life?" I scoffed.

His eyes turned menacing and just as he opened his mouth to say something rude right back, I interrupted. "Anyways, I'd like 1 large pepperoni, 1 large cheese, and 1 large  vegetarian. And make it quick." I slapped the cash on the counter and without a glance back at him, walked away towards the seating area. If Stevie was here, surely he would be too. And he was trouble.

With a sigh, I pulled out a chair from a table in front and sat down, drumming my fingers on the wood. I looked around, curious to see if he was here but he was no where in sight; why should I care anyways. I looked back in front of me, smiled at the boy seated across then froze.

Sitting opposite me was Seth Aloysius. Oh boy, what did I just get myself into?

The End

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