In The beginning

Growing up my dad used to tell me many stories from when he was a little boy. The stories always had one thing in common: ghosts. He lived in a major city in a rather large house on an even bigger property, they have built 6 more houses on the property in the last 10 years. The house, he truly believed, was haunted and many of his family members would agree. The stories would always involve foot steps, weird feelings, and sometimes the piano playing. I was only 6 when he started telling me these stories and maybe if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be writing this now. 

As a little girl my major question was, “Why weren’t you scared daddy? Why didn’t you move?” and his reply was always the same, “Well, Adaline, I was scared but my mother always told me ‘If they were here to harm you they would have already’ so eventually we got used to it.” I never saw how someone could just ‘get used to it’. How do you just get over hearing people walk around your house when you know you are home alone? How do you get over the feeling that someone is always watching you? How do you get over the fear of wondering if something is going to happen and when?

I’m going to tell you all right now there is no possessions or huge moment that we all ran out of my home screaming and vowed to never return. I’m simply writing this because I need help. I’m lost on what to do. Do I even do anything? I contimplated even writing this here because my dad told me, when he finally believed something was in our house, never to give it attention. Don’t talk about it, don’t talk about how scared you are because that just gives it power. And I’m sure it knows I’m writing this, hell I’m sitting in my bedroom on my laptop right now typing away. It has to know. So is all I am doing right now giving it power?

The End

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