story time

We sat on the brightly coloured carpet, the shapes and patterns weaved into it contrasting into dissilusinal designs. I looked at the teacher, she looked at me back and started to speak in a steely whisper, "Once Upon A Time.." her voice trailed of and I instead became fixcated with other books, lined on wooden shelves; vertical in parrelell lines. The covers were that of creatures and mystical monsters, there animated eyes becoming one in a daggering stare. Whilst looking I saw the face of a fat and rather over weight looking catterpillar, It was green and had evil looking red eyes. Above it was a couple of words, written in bubble and tinted with a rich ivory colour. i coudn't read but I regnoised the overall appearence of the book, 'The Hungry Catterpillar'. My Favourite Book.

Then the story must have been over, because I saw several children scrambling from the dusty floor and back to their tables, then Mrs Crossier (the witch), telling them to slow down.



The End

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