So the day Had come, The fourth of September 2000, the day I would Begin My journey, Life as its more commonly known.            

The School bell rang, emmiting a spasm of intense volume into the air, circulating the inside's of my ears. I stood at about 36 inches from the ground, looking at the weather beaten tarmac under my feet and clenching the handle of a shiny new Barbie lunchBox. Today I had my favourite for lunch; tuna and mayo pasta and some cheesy crackers. I was never permitted to take crisps or sweets to school, the dentist woudn't be happy, but that didnt bother me, i Never ate much. I walked into school, kissing my mother lightly on the cheek then gesturing goodbye as i I made My way In through the school gates which were then shut by a heavy brass lock. I looked for a final time as Mother walked up passed the sheep feild amd smiled. I felt Happy, I was a big girl. I was going to school.

I walked up the brightly decorated cooridoor and into the class room; reciption. Class R as printed on the purple door. The room was amazing, children everywhere, a playhouse, lego in big buiding blocks ... but then the teacher.

A big round bottomed women with a sprout of off-colour Aubourn hair. She looked sturnly at me, her eyes like daggersa, flexing a luring smile sweet as burnt toast.                                                                                                       "Hello Love," she churped,"You Must be Hollie, I am Mrs Crossier" I Knew then I didnt like her, with her false tone and overley nice posture. she was evil. Mrs crossier didnt like me. It was hammered into my head. And then as she looked me from within her bulging figure. I no Longer felt Like a big girl, I was Little, Smaller than Id ever been.

The End

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