The un-published story


I had always inspired to create my own apocryphal world, surfacing all my beliefs onto a single page. But writing a book has just always been one of them notions, that you begin but aren't willing to stick at it and achieve the finished product.

But I was different, id never been the same as anybody else at school, even before the days of school life. There had always been something, something I wasn't sure of, even to myself, that was abnormal. For instance, barbie dolls. Whan the craze to have your own plastic doll, with fibre made hair and perspex accesiries, I always had the desire for a new book; the hungry caterripillar, that was a favourite. Children used to laugh, chant in congregated chorus's, giggling that I didn't want to come outside or splash in the puddles. But it didn't bother me, as long as I had my story, my life. An escape from ordinary life. An evadement from the bullying.  My freedom.

So, the main events of my childhood, were the primary factor and  inspiration of my first novel. And oh, my name yes, Hollie, this book is based on me.

The End

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