The Unnoticed Absent

A young girl commits suicide and none of her family notices.

       Noone noticed my absence I saw, as I watched fron Heaven. Noone heard the muffled scream, drowned out by my radio. Noone noticed the missing steak knife its place, or the missing duck tape. Noone noticed that I hadn't been out of my room in hours.

       It was my sister who found me, she came in to yell at me for not starting the laundry. My parents were sitting out in the living room, just outside my door. With one dog in my Mom's lap on the couch and the other on the floor. While my stepdad sat in the chair.

       My sister came in and was already yelling at me for how I had the radio up to lous and that I didn't start the laundry.......She stopped mid-sentence and screamed at the sight of my body.

       I was wearing my favorite jean shorts and blue shirt with a hood. My knife in my right hand covered in blood and still dripping with it. My left hand was over my already taped mouth trying to muffle my scream. My right hand laid gently on my stomach so the blood was already on my shirt and it began to run down my side onto the floor. I killed myself with my brown/green/blue eyes still open. My hair was under me and on my shoulders.

     My sister was on her hands and knees at my side crying and screaming my name over and over again, as if that would bring me back. My mom hurried into the room to see what my sis was screaming about. She took one look at my body and did the same. Except she was repeatedly screaming "My Baby Girl!". My stepdad saw me and was speechless, he just fell down and cried.

      My funeral was short, everyone I ever knew was there. My family, friends, boyfriend, classmates, teachers.........everyone. Everyone was crying, as expected, I was placed in my coffin and buried...........and the funeral ended.

The End

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