The Un-named Child

  A single infant laid weeping in John Dover's arms. She was wrapped in a worn-out, blue blanket with a tiny stain of Missy Dover's blood on the corner.

  John had amost enough of all the death and all the misery that the killer, a man who give himself the name Mr. Snatch, has put him and his entire family through.
  Now, everyone was dead. All who he had left was the weeping baby in his arms, but he wasn't even sure if she would make it through this circumstance.

  The ending of John Dover's life, began with a trip on a root and ending with a blood curling peirce to his chest.

  Mr. Snatch travelled with a smirk on his face to the puddle where the baby was tossed from the safe arms of her father.
  He lifted her up from the rain-sprinkled puddle and carried her away from the flesh-ripped body that he murdered just mear moments before.

The End

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