The UnnamedMature

A story version of a roleplay that i came up with with some friends.

      The snow was falling again, slow and gentle,  adding to the already thick blanket that coated the landscape outside. Behind the bar of his tavern Vic Parell, a tall stocky man with short cropped black hair and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, stood and idly cleaned a glass with a towel even though it was already spotless. His tavern was quiet except for the occasional popping from the logs on the range which offered a pleasant warmth against the chill outside and grunts from his resident patron, who at this moment in time was slumped over the bar out cold. Resigning himself to a quiet night due to the weather he put the glass down and turned towards the back to do the finances but just as he vanished round the corner the bell over his front door tickled and there was a crash as the door flew open. Looking round he saw two children run in and look round searching for him obviously,

"Amy, Leon!" he said coming back and leaning on the door frame, "What are you doing out in this weather? Does your mother know where you are?"
Amy, the bright eyed girl, ran round the bar and gave Vic a big hug, "Vic, he's here....he finally came" and she then looked up at him with her wide blue eyes and positively beamed at him. Involuntarily Vic smiled too, damn it she's just too cute.
Looking over at Leon who was standing by the fire Vic saw that he was just as excited about whatever had gotten his sister so it was genuine, and if that was the case then there was only one person who Amy could possibly be on about; the legendary wandering storyteller Reisende Vilcourt. Vilcourt was perhaps one of the few vampires that was both able bodied and minded after witnessing and taking part in the War all those years ago. His smile widening even further so that it was nearly as wide as the ones that the twins wore Vic ushered Amy from behind the bar,
"Well why didn't you say so" then motioning them both to sit down on the stools at the bar he set about making them a hot drink while they waited for their parents. Once they were busily occupied with their favorite drinks, hot chocolate and marshmallows, Vic set about checking the stocks of drink and food before picking up the phone to his friend and fellow worker, Amos, who replied that he was just about to leave and come start the food as he'd just heard the news himself. All they needed to do now was wait.

Not even half an hour later the bell above the front door tinkled again and Vic looked up from the game he was playing with the twins,
"So that's where you two have been?" came the stern voice of their mother who was as lithe a female as there could be with strands of shocking red hair peeping from under her thick fur hood,
"Now, Cece -" Vic started but was cut off by a laugh from the children and Cece,
"Oh Vic you are adorable, you get caught every time. They've been good I hope?" She looked at them sternly,
"They've been perfect Cece" Vic said as he took her coat and hung it up while she squatted down and hugged them both. Seconds later the door opened again and a stocky male entered quickly shucking his thick coat and gloves before nodding at Vic before moving to sort the furniture, Vic nodded back and set about making warm drinks for the two adults, typical Maxwell, always the silent type. As Cece took the two drinks over to her husband a third figure stepped over the threshold and silently closed the door so as to shut out the cold. The figure lowered its hood revealing the pale face of Reisende Vilcourt as he bound his hair back with a leather strap he'd taken out of his pocket. Vic walked out towards him,
"Reisende Vilcourt, once again you grace us" he said as he bowed.
Vilcourt smiled and let out a hearty chuckle, "You know how it is Vic, there will always be eager ears for the stories of heroes and villains" with that he ruffled the twins' hair. Amy positively beamed then blushed causing her mother to giggle and Leon looked extremely peeved causing his father to smirk. Going back behind the bar Vic poured a generous glass of drink for his esteemed guest,
"One off the books" he said as he passed it over and the story teller took it with a smile, "Word of you're arrival will have people here shortly"
"I didn't expect anything else." was the reply as the glass was placed gently onto the bar and Vilcourt shucked his coat before going and setting up the seats with Maxwell and Cece.

Soon enough the bar was packed to the rafters with old and young alike and fresh logs had been put on the fire with cinnamon sticks adding to the atmosphere. Reisende sat in his usual high backed chair with a glass of whiskey on the little table beside him and he cast his gaze over the eager crowd. Children were sitting cross-legged and eager and the adults either stood or sat holding their drinks waiting patiently for him to begin.
"Well it seems that my arrival has caused nothing short of upheaval" he grinned, "but as I always say, i appreciate you're coming out to listen to me ramble" The adults tittered and the children shouted their disagreement but quietened quickly as he spread his hands, "Now if I recall this is my tenth visit to your home so no doubt I have regaled you with my many stories of the legends and myths of this land. However, tonight, you are all in luck. For tonight is, for me, a solemn occasion. For it is on this night that our darkest hour passed us barely by the skin of our teeth. So it is tonight I will regale to you the stories of a different class of hero and villain. Many of the adults will know some of what i will recount but for you little ones this is a story that will capture you all. It has love, it has hate. It has magic and fights. it has bravery and cowardice. But most of all it contains a moral....that each and every one of us, no matter how low we are born or who we are in life, we can always be a hero."
Silence descended as Reisende took a sip of the whiskey and smacked his lips appreciatively, "So let us begin little ones" he leaned forward and picked up one of the children and placed her on his lap, " Imagine if you will, a land not far different from your own, covered in snow........."

The End

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