Chapter 2 : The voidMature

I was momentarily confused then Amber or should I rephrase a creature of the fold. Charges at me at unhuman speed. I roll out of the way then countered with a swing that it jumped to dodge. Perfect.

" Kiorda, flame collum!" I shout My blade erupted with flames shooting flames at the creature. It squealed and was burnt to death.

" Perfect." The ominous voice of wrath said.

What? The ground crumbled underneath me exposing A huge void of darkness. This wasn't absorbtion this wasn't death. I faded out of the world I once existed in and appeared in another world.  I hit the ground lightly for someone who felt they fell through time , and darkness for hours.

I understood now the Void the rip between dimensions. I got up to look at this dimension it seemed ruined and abandoned there was no signs of life. I pick up my large blade and sling it into its sheath. I explore the destroyed looking landscape looking for any type of life. every 1o kilometers I walked I would draw a sort of circular map with coordinate marking then murmur a few words. To describe what it was simply is Life radar and there was nothing.

The End

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