The Unknown Warrior'sMature

I ducked and dogded the falling rocks.

" Filament you can't go back there. She's gone live with it."  Dan said.

" I don't care I'm going to kill that bastard and save Amber!" I said releasing his  grasp over me.

" Filament you saw it with you own eyes she was absorbed into the fold. Our orders clear retreat." Dan said watching me jump over fallin rubble.

" Fuck you and fuck orders." I said getting seperated from his voice by a large rock. 

" Kiorda!"  I command a light shines from my hand. As I continue through the collapsed cave i step over the bodies of the dead. All the young faces show fear and pain. There uniforms A smiple black cloak or cape with a suit of green with markings of rank.  If that bastard didn't absorb you he had you killed. By bastard I mean this evil overlord of death who simply likes to be call Wrath.  My sword was quivering in its sheath on my back. It was broadsword that is 4 feet long and it was my deadliest weapon on me. I draw it.

" Filament, are going to join the fold?" A ominous voice whispere as a whip of shadows grow around.

" No Wrath I'm here to take back someone!" I say readying for an attack.

" You mean this someone." He laughed.

Amber apeared with he shiny golden brown hair , her golden eyes peicing my soul for a moment i felt love and happieness then. Her eyes turned red and she became a creature of the fold.  Her arm becomes a deadly blade of black. 

" Push the Defaint one into the void." Wrath commanded.

The void what was that?

The End

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