The chase is onMature

“Kyle you didn’t?” Rodney gasps turning quickly round from the stove.

“I sure as hell did,” I reply taking a mouthful of beer. “I’ve told you before I’m no one’s lap dog, even if she is an alpha she’s not mine.

Kyle went pack to stirring spoon in the bolognaise sauce, “just watch yourself with this pack especially that female.”

“Why are you using that pan? It’s only for the two of us,” I asked and noticed three plates but aside.

“You eat a lot,” Rodney kept his back to me and checked on the spaghetti.

“You’re feeding that lone female? Rodney! Why you’re only encouraging her.”

“Kyle don’t be so heartless, I’m helping her-

“No she needs to move on somewhere else and won’t do that because you are feeding her!” I shouted annoyed at how stupid Rodney was being. “I want nothing to do with that pack.”

Rodney turned to face me, arms crossed and expression calm, “you could find this female and give her to the pack, yet you haven’t so what does that tell you?”

I finished my beer and left the apartment.


The sun was setting over the forest; pinkly golden glow covered the sky and the breeze was gentle. I was slumped on the ground, my head on my front paws and glazing out on the cliff. Everything was peaceful until I heard a distant howl echo making my ears twitch. It must be the pack, maybe they were finally on her trail. Good that means they would be gone soon. My stomach growled but I refused to go back yet and face Rodney so instead I closed my eyes falling asleep.

I was being watched. The first thing my nose picked up on was her scent; my ears were up listening for any sound to be heard. I opened my eyes blinking as I saw the moon shine down, I stretched my body and stood working out where the scent was. Where was she hiding now? I padded down the slop keeping my nose down, noticing the flat grass with white fur mixed between the grass blades. It was still warm.

Her trail was fresh and I began to pick up speed knowing which route she was taking. I jumped over a log, which lead me back to the river where I lost her scent before. She was here hiding I could sense her. My eyes darted to the trees waiting to catch the white fur, something rustled near the over grown bushes, I snarled positional myself ready and a brown rabbit hopped out minding its own business.

I stood up straight looking up to the moon thinking what a fool I was, when a white flash of lightening came flying towards me and knocking my body to the ground. Growling I turned my head and saw the lone female looking back at me before she ran off.

“You may be fast but I’m faster,” I thought as I jumped up and quickly picked up her trail.


The End

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