Chapter 2- The packMature

It was a few days later, when her pack came into the bar, I knew it was only a matter of time before they caught up with me. I was busy serving a customer when Jack came over and said somebody wanted to talk to me, I looked up from making the drink and caught their scent. I finished making the drink and went over to the far corner to meet my unwanted guests.

One male was stood by the table, spiked wavy ginger red hair, freckled face and hazel coloured eyes that followed me as I came near the table. The other two had the same sharp dark brown eyes, the male with black short hair and the female also with long black hair.

When dark eyes had finished assessing me he spoke in a deep authoritative voice, “so you’re the wolf that roams these lands.”

I sat on the chair across from them, the female raised an eyebrow no doubt wondering why I didn’t wait to be seated and looked to the other male.

“I have work to do gents,” I smiled at the female, “miss.”

“Cassandra, we don’t intend to be here long,” she replied.

“Let’s cut to the chase then,” I say and get comfortable on the chair.

“We are looking for a female wolf,” the dark eyed male began, the temptation to say ‘well aren’t we all’ was screaming to be said but I held it back. “We tracked down her scent to this area and came across yours.”

“Why are you tracking her?” I asked and watched their reactions.

Dark eyes smiled, “we thought you might have found her, you’ve been tracking her too and don’t deny it your scent covering hers.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” I kept my voice calm and the male eyes flashed with annoyance his fist clenched.   

The female touched the male hand, “that is none of your concern but you may be able to help us.”

It clicked then what they wanted of me, “sorry not for hire.” I moved my chair back and felt a hand slam me down on the shoulder. “Tell your guard dog to get his paws off me,” I said through gritted teeth glaring at dark eyes.

“Are you going to listen?”

“Depends if your dog values his arm,” we stared at each other.

“Enough,” Cassandra snapped, my shoulder was released. “Leave us.” My attention shifted to her, surprised that the two males left her moving away from the table but still watching. Who was she? Now those two had gone I could feel how strong Cassandra was, the other two carried a strong air about but nothing compared to her.

She was watching me too closely and smiled once I figured it out, “I do not run with this pack, but my brother wanted my help.”

“That explains the different yet similar scent at the ranch,” I said, “I thought families stayed in one pack.”

“Some do and some need to break from their families and join a different pack for different reasons,” Cassandra explained.

“And this female?”

“Important that’s all I know,” Cassandra laid her hands out on the table, “now Kyle you know this area, my brother Victor and his wing man Travis will follow you help pick up the scent.”

“Hang on,” I stopped her holding my hand up, “I didn’t say I was going to help you track anyone down. It’s not my fault those two can’t find their own tails let alone this female.” I stood up, moving next to her and bent down to her ear. “You may be an alpha female but I don’t roll over for anybody.” 

The End

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