Goldilocks on the huntMature

Rodney shot out from the car coming to stand next to me, “do you think she’s inside?”

“I can’t tell, come on baby bear let’s see who’s eaten the porridge,” Rodney didn’t find my comment very amusing and rolled his eyes following me up the crocked steps to the wooden door. The door was undamaged, apart a nose wet patch where she sniffled around the edge.

Rodney went back down the steps and walked around the cabin, “she came in through the back window, it’s smashed and still it must have been a squeeze for her,”  

“Terrific,” I mutter and unlock the door and stepped to the side in case she came running out. But nothing happened, I walked in my eyes darting everywhere, I went into the bathroom and saw the broken glass on the floor.

“I wish I packed my antic bac now,” Rodney commented seeing where the she-wolf had opened the small fridge door with her mouth and paws.  “Why didn’t she change and open the door with her hands?”

I scanned round the room again and notice a brown bag under the bed, “she didn’t get time to change.”

“Hmm do you want me to check outside?” Rodney asks wondering into the bathroom seeing the broken glass.

“I’ll go see if I can find anything,” I say and head back outside. I saw her paw marks, following them into the trees and stopped in a small clearing. She was close by her scent circled the area.

“I know you’re here,” I could feel her eyes on me; “Your friends are here.” I scanned the trees, bushes, waiting to see any movement, “go home little wolf.” I left then regardless of the fact that she could have jumped on my unprotected back.

Rodney was busy cooking when I came back; I opened the clean fridge door and cursed seeing the broken bear bottles inside the door shelf. “Dam wolf,” I slammed the door, going over to the bed, bending down and pulling up the floorboard. “Jack’s coming to join the party.”

“Think I’ll have a night cap too, here made us some burgers,” Rodney placed the plate on the bed, went back to the oven, “you didn’t see her then?”

“No but she there in the small clearing and she was watching me,” I picked up the burger and almost moaned in delight. “Hang…on where are you…. going?”

“Close your mouth Kyle and swallow,” Rodney says and then smiles thinking about his sentence. “Never mind and don’t say anything.”

“Where are you taking those burgers?” I ask smirking; Rodney was by the door holding a plate with two burgers.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Rodney says with his hand on his hip.

“Erm not really,” I pick up another burger and nearly choked.

“It’s for our guest, the she-wolf.”

I cough, taking a swig of whisky to clear my throat and stare at him.

Rodney sighs dramatically, “she hasn’t eaten Kyle, and maybe she doesn’t like eating raw. She saw the cabin and hoped there would be food inside. I wonder if she heard the car, got sacred and forgot her bag.”

My head was spinning, I leant back on the bed bringing the whisky bottle to my lips, “very good Sherlock, you shouldn’t feed her, she only come back and we don’t need this. The sooner her pack find her and all go back to wherever they came from the better.” 

The End

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